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General News - August 2011

General News - August 2011

New camps in the Congo - 11 August 2011

New camps in the Congo
11 August 2011

This former French colony is a sparsely populated, little-known nation, sandwiched between Gabon and the larger Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It lies in the heart of the Congo Basin and, aside from a host of forest biodiversity, holds by far the majority of the world's population of Western Lowland Gorills, with density in Odzala-Kokoua being the highest recorded.

Congo faces the challenge of conserving its natural resources; ecotourism presents the best option of an alternative source of revenue.

The country and the scenery are spectacular and Odzala-Kokoua is an unspoiled haven for wildlife.

Two camps new eco-safari camps have just broken ground and are currently under construction: Lango Camp in the Mboko area (savannah, river and day Saline/Bai excursions and Ngaga Camp in the Ndzehi area (habituated gorilla experience accompanied by researchers).

The camps will be sold as a set departure itinerary of 6 nights and are due to open in May 2012.

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