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General News - May 2015

General News - May 2015

Immerse yourself in nature...beneath the ocean - 5 May 2015

Immerse yourself in nature...beneath the ocean
 5 May 2015

Archaeological records at the “point of origin” show the first evidence of cognitive human development, early nuclear family life, art and human values associated with how we live today.

Living along the same coastline, swimming and diving the pristine waters in an attempt to encounter nature as our ancestors did, Craig Foster is changing our perceptions of the wilderness ocean with the 'Sea Change Project'. This four year journey has lead to a discovery of life that astounds in its complexity and beauty. He's discovered new species and had encounters with wild animals once thought impossible. Learnt how the nutrient-rich, cold sea water has positive effects our minds and bodies - Foster says "when you're immersed in nature, there’s a transformation that takes place because we are basically aligning ourselves with our original design, those neutral networks in the brain start functioning and activate primal joy". 

(Image credit Craig Foster/Sea Change Project)

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