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Zambezi website facelift

The old first-generation Zambezi UK website we set up in 1998 has finally been replaced after some nifty work by Tom Frame’s team across at TeamEtch.

It’s a bit faster, you can read it on a tablet or smartphone and for a while it’s probably going to remain a bit of a secret whilst Google decides whether it’s worthy or not.


In the meantime…

  • …we explore some favourite African destinations and keep a few friends guessing where those secret spots across Africa really are! They exist, but we wish they’d remain largely uncovered by TripAdvisor and mainstream media. In the meantime we’re saving a few for best friends only…
  • …we introduce a selection of African journeys unrestrained by the places we generally visit. So if for example photography is a pre-occupation of yours then you’ll soon figure out why we favour Namibia, Ethiopia and Uganda as opposed to Botswana (which in itself is a firm favourite for photographers….but there’re better places for specialists).
  • …we share some expert African knowledge and experience with the Safari Primer and an extensive map section. There’s more to follow with most of our team having served a decade or more each since we founded the company in 1995 but you ought to ask about specifics if you’re planning an extraordinary adventure.

We’d really appreciate some feedback….please share this with family and friends.