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A ThanksGiving offering from Africa

An end of safari season celebration from Africa

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Posted by John Berry on November 25, 2014 at 11:52 am

This year’s safari season has come and gone with the start of the short rains across East and Southern Africa. Migrant birds from the northern hemisphere are abundant and newly-born critters of every description are about to take advantage of the warm summer months ahead.

For our European friends, Christmas and the festive season is now a month away. For our north American friends it’s a time to give thanks.

Happy holidays!

So whilst you’re with family and friends why not give some thought to celebrating your own milestones on safari next season.  The “green season” will end in April, next year’s safari season will kick off in earnest by June through to October.

Explore some safari ideas or just drop us a note right here

….or perhaps just sit back for some light entertainment with two clips on some seasonal events with the mango eating elephants of Mfuwe Lodge in the South Luangwa and a choir’s rendition of an event that we all await anxiously during November….African rains!

[1] Photos used here are from friends John and Carol Coppinger across at Tafika and RemoteAfrica in the Luangwa Valley.

[2] Looking for a safari deal?   […sign up here]

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