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London shows 2016

It’s that time of year again when chilly friends in the UK are thinking of summer safaris.

We’re at it again in Olympia for the London Shows

  • We’re covering our mainstream safaris in East, southern and central Africa. Mostly traditional safaris for families, honeymooners, light adventurers and serious photographers.
  • We’re talking about wild adventures on Africa’s fringes – rafting expeditions, walking and canoe safaris, mobile explorations, gorilla treks and more.
  • We’re covering some remote places from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley in the north east down, through the Serengeti eco-system, west into the Congo down to Namibia’s Kaokoveld in the south.

Adventure Travel Show, January 23-24

The UK’s only event dedicated to off the beaten track travel experiences – here’s the invitation, here’s the website.

Destinations, February 4-7

The Holiday & Travel Show, the UK’s biggest and longest-running of the London shows dedicated to travel – here’s the invitation, here’s the website.


If you can’t make it then give these notes some thought…

  • Find out how to plan an African safari – for first-timers and seasoned African travellers alike.
  • Find out how to take advantage of discounts during our secret seasons.
  • Is this the year to get some honest African dirt between your toes?
  • If so the industry is awash with early bird discounts of up to 30%. Get on the list to find out more.

If you can make it then come and claim your £100 voucher!


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