“If 2016 was an unpredictable devil, then meet 2017….the wild sister!”

We’ve broken free of 2016 and are now crashing into 2017 with hope and strong intent to make this coming year much better than the last.

  • So here’re our 5 top tips for your next safari plan. (going beyond the obvious; secret and green seasons; luxury?!; people)
  • A few safari suggestions for 2017 (best value; top picks; special offers)
  • Some humour and highlights that caught most attention last year

…if you’re planning your African travel this coming year then…

some people making a difference on safari in 2017

Featured trips this year

Specials on for 2017

Time to snap out of that post-festivity nap…

When a power nap is needed however, baboons are beyond caring where they take theirs.

Troop of baboons taking a mid-day nap on a warm tarmac courtesy Lee Caterson

In Mana Pools the elephants are pretty relaxed about their surroundings but the close encounters won’t necessarily leave you well rested!

Africa is not for sissies! #zambezi (Credit Africa, this is why I live here)

Talking elephants the Mfuwe group entertains us constantly….even more when a calf took a nap at reception last season.

Mfuwe Lodge ellie calf takes a nap

Andrew Noons caught these 5 hoglets catching a nap with Mum at Ngala in November….more on Facebook

Andrew Noons caught these piglets at Ngala in November

When it comes to good humour…Meerkats took first prize last year

Meerkats don’t really mind where they take a nap either….more on YouTube or Facebook and on the Meerkats in Africa blog

Napping meerkats


If New Year resolutions are more than a to-do list for January 2017…

Here’s some anonymous food for thought…

Travel will change everything....(anonymous) 2017

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