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2020 secret safari

Thanks for following the link from the recent email which I’ve sent to a small selection of friends, clients and contacts.

On a recent adventure I was absolutely stunned by the beauty, diversity and wildlife of Gonarezhou National Park. It is an incredible place for wildlife, birds, and scenery - yet I was amazed that few have even heard of it. In a whole day inside the park I didn’t see another soul! So, I decided to combine it with two of my other favourite, ‘secret’ spots to make what I think is a totally unique safari. Perfect for regular safari go-er’s looking for something different and exciting, and far, far away from the crowds.


This special safari runs from 6 to 14 September 2020 and will include:

3 nights at Amalinda, Matobo Hills National Park
The oldest National Park in Zimbabwe, Matobo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park’s unique granite boulder scenery creates an aura of fantasy and mystery and it is a sacred place to the local people. The park is also home to prolific wildlife including cheetah and both African rhino, which you’ll track on foot - a thrilling experience! The history of the area is fascinating with rock art, battles, and colonial intrigue. You’ll be fascinated and enthralled by the stories told to you by Rob Burrett, former warden of Great Zimbabwe, author and eminent guide.

1 night at Norma Jeans, Masvingo
From here you’ll have the chance to visit the Great Zimbabwe Ruins World Heritage Site with Rob, former curator.

1 night at Chilo Gorge, Gonarezhou National Park
Chilo Gorge Lodge overlooks a crocodile-filled river, on the edge of Gonarezhou (meaning ‘place of many elephants’) - a vast pristine wilderness area, home to numerous species as well as the ubiquitous and feisty elephants! Like Matobo, the scenery of the park is both stunning, diverse and unusual, with vast palm forests concealing rambunctious young elephants, and chilled-out older bulls relaxing under the famous red cliffs. Your guide here is founder of Chilo, Clive Stockil who was honoured with the inaugural Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa in 2013. He will inspire you with his passion for wildlife, the local people and a deep belief in conservation which benefits both.

2 nights fly camping, Gonarezhou National Park
You’ll spend a night at the lodge followed by two nights under canvas. Getting deep into the heart of the wilderness, this is the true meaning of safari, camping under the stars at the stunning Chilojo Cliffs.

1 night at Chilo Gorge, Gonarezhou National Park
The trip finishes back in luxury at the lodge at Chilo Gorge.

The full digital itinerary is available with video, panoramic shots, a map and even more details.

I created this trip to go beyond the surface of an ordinary safari - not only to view wonderful wildlife, but also to learn about conservation of precious species and resources, and the history and culture of the people who have made their mark on an ancient land.

Unique is the word that best sums up all three locations on this trip - each have a character totally different from anywhere else I have visited in Africa or beyond. Clive sums it up best:

“Right now in Gonarezhou, you can drive for 100km, sleep in a different place every night and never see another light or another soul. I believe we have to retain this pristine wilderness for the future…Gonarezhou is unique.”

I hope that this will inspire you to contact me about joining this trip in September 2020, or else creating your own private adventure.

This trip would combine well with other parks in Southern Africa, or some relaxation beside the Indian Ocean at Vilanculos in Mozambique.

Contact Amanda now…