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Coronavirus and a world turned upside down

Who’d have thought it? Less than 3 months ago we celebrated the start of a brand near year. 2020 had a pleasant symmetrical ring to it with lots of promise ahead.

Then Coronavirus arrived on all of our doorsteps and it feels like the world just turned upside down!

…but we’ve been humbled and impressed by the response

But we’ve been immediately humbled by the flexibility and adaptive responses by suppliers, partners, colleagues and clients. All in an effort to “make plans”. Hats off to all these people with “will-do and can-do”, positive attitudes towards dealing with unprecedented challenges coming up.

Africa might not be centre stage right now. There’s some way to go with this pandemic but at some point the coronavirus chaos will pass. The wild spaces of Africa will still hold their appeal.

With dozens of safaris currently running or about to start. Plus hundreds of others in the pipeline or still on the drawing board everybody has pressing questions and concerns. We’re out to make plans!

It’s cold comfort indeed when we explain that Ebola was an enormous challenge in 2014 but it’s a thing of the past now. (Despite the fact that it’s still about!) So here’s an offer of perspective from a small team of safari specialists who’ve weathered a few storms….

  • Coronavirus 2020: It may not be business as usual for a while but life isn’t on hold in the meantime. With current info sources relevant to Africa. What we’ve learned from big shake-ups in Africa – from Mugabe to Somali pirates to Ebola.
  • Tips on picking the perfect safari: old safari favourites and journeys beyond the obvious.
  • Simple practicalities: Is an aircraft cabin a healthy place to be with infectious bugs about?

This COVID-19 outbreak has some way to go. But it will pass.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well!

Speak to us if we need to make plans for you.