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Break away from the herds on safari!

Far from Africa’s mainstream safari spots are some outstanding places to be on safari in 2019. Finding them isn’t all that difficult…

  • Go beyond the obvious. By all means use mainstream routes in and out - you could save time and money. But be sure to get some local knowledge and go off piste.
  • Get your timing right too. Not necessarily in “high season” either. Take special note of our secret seasons in East, southern and Central Africa.
  • Spend most of your time and money in the right spots. More often than not you’ll be fairly remote. In just about all cases where the crowds are least likely to be found.

Here’re some nuggets worth sharing with your best friends and family on safari in 2019.

…in southern Africa

One is in Namibia’s north west. It’s the Kaokoveld. Ideally late October into November. We find red desert dunes at dawn, harsh and fragile habitats, rare species and extreme contrasts when Namibia’s at its best. Just as the summer rains beckon. Way off the traditional “Namibia safari circuit”. Not during the predictable season either.

Here’s a clip for context, likely to send shivers up your spine. YouTube. Facebook.

Further north and east, Zambia’s Luangwa valley continues to provide some of our best wildlife experiences in southern Africa. The Mfuwe elephants might have achieved some fame over the years. Ignore the celebrity attractions for a moment though.

This area is actually an aficionado’s haunt for leopards, elephants, buffalo and predators. These safaris are hosted by first class Professional Guides too. More on the mango eating elephants of Mfuwe.

On safari in 2019…in the thick of it in East Africa

East Africa’s safari icons can get busy in the strangest places at the oddest of times! There no need for falling amongst these crowds.

In Tanzania and Kenya

The wildebeest migration is punted as the “greatest show on earth”. No start, no end. Just a dynamic cycle of wildlife moving through the seasons. Never the same any year either. You’ll find great herds roaming across vast plains of the Serengeti and Mara north of Ngorongoro Crater. Also resident game and predators. It’s truly spectacular, especially at certain times of year.

So despite the migration being very much mainstream. Also distinctly “with the herd”. Here’s a trick or two on how to get your Serengeti migration safari right.

There’s lots more beyond the Serengeti eco-system too. Head north into the Laikipia or Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. Or head south for Selous and Ruaha. Then west for the magic of Katavi and Mahale.

In east and west Central Africa

Less than 900 critically endangered mountain gorillas live in a small pocket of tropical rain forests in the group of Virunga volcanoes. That’s Uganda and Rwanda, into DRC. These gorillas are a big attraction. They’re really popular too.

Why then do so few people get into the midst of the nearly 100000 lowland gorillas in the west?! Once again, it’s time to look beyond the obvious.

Go mainstream if you must

…but only to save time and money! Then take some quick steps to adventure and all manner of African delights. Take Victoria Falls as an example. A short hop from Cape Town or Johannesburg in South Africa.

  • Unquestionably southern Africa’s hottest safari ticket.
  • Easy to get in and out of. Smack bang in the middle of “safari-central” - on the might Zambezi River!
  • With quick and easy access for safaris into Hwange or Botswana’s Chobe and Okavango or Zambia’s Kafue and beyond.
  • It could be time to push some personal boundaries. Brush off your boots and go walking in wilds of Hwange. Or take a flight down into Mana Pools for quite simply the best canoe safaris in Africa.

Get it right on safari in 2019!

Choose Zambezi Safari & Travel Co for authentic adventures

  • We’re an independent family-owned African safari company with a strong team that’s grown up, lived, worked and travelled extensively through Africa; we’re experts at turning African safari dreams into long-lasting memories.
  • We customise all of our safaris. So any “tours” that you’ve seen online are only typical of what we do. Suggestions that follow depend on your interests, time of year that you travel, game conditions in our areas and best available options within budget.
  • Working with the top professional African safari guides we’ll take you to the fringe areas, for the best wildlife away from the mainstream safari routes, to experience the real Africa.

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