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Zakouma - last call 2019

This Zakouma safari is likely to stay one of Africa’s better kept secrets for some time.

Zakouma safari map, Chad by FCO and APN

The geopolitical map around Chad doesn’t paint well. Neither the FCO nor State Department are happy about travel here. Suitable for seasoned safari enthusiasts only.

  • Chad is a high-risk area. With Libya, Nigeria, Cameroon, CAR and Sudan on the boundaries, the geopolitical map doesn’t paint well - at all. FCO advises against all but essential travel to N’Djamena. The US Gov also recommends that prospects “reconsider travel”. (February 2018)
  • The park has a really short dry season. That’s between November and May.
  • Facilities are limited. So only 14 private groups have exclusive access to the tented Camp Nomade for a week each. “Campement de Tinga”, Tinga Camp, the old government style chalets are the alternative. (Camp Salamat is reserved for locals only.)
  • Space is short. Zakouma is usually fully booked two years in advance.

So whilst Zakouma is unlikely to fill mainstream bucket lists, there’s a solid core of seasoned safari enthusiasts who like things hot, untamed and untouched!

This is last call on a Zakouma safari for two, 10-19 April 2019

With just enough time to obtain a letter of invitation and also ensure that your Yellow Fever certificate is current we have space.

It’s for a 10 day trip starting from N’Djamena on 10 April, followed by 7 full days (10 April – 19 April) exploring Zakouma at leisure with a private vehicle and guide. Old friend John Addison of Wild Frontiers is our host on this Zakouma safari. Full details on request.

Over 10000 Central African savannah buffalo are known to roam across Zakouma. The population is growing. Photo courtesy Michael Viljoen 2016.

Over 10000 Central African savannah buffalo are known to roam across Zakouma. The population is growing. Photo courtesy Michael Viljoen 2016.

Some background on Zakouma

After years of neglect during civil conflict, Zakouma is now a conservation success story since African Parks took custodianship in 2010.

As a result of poaching there was a 90% reduction in the elephant population from over 4,000 in 2002 to just 450 in 2010. Under this stress the herd had stopped breeding altogether. Between 2011 and 2014 Park Manager, Rian Labuschagne and his team stopped elephant poaching completely within their extended range. The herd has since started breeding and there’s now a growing population of young elephants in Zakouma.

The dry season attracts a profusion of game and birdlife from beyond the 3000 square km park bounds.

  • Lion, leopard, wild dog and other predators.
  • Healthy populations of Central African savannah buffalo (over 10000), Kordofan giraffe, tiang, kudu, roan and more.
  • Also nearly 400 species of bird many of which treat Zakouma as a stop-over and breeding ground.

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