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I have two days available in my itinerary and would like to see the most important aspects of Kariba.

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With one night you wouldn't have much flexibility - do a town tour, see the dam wall and Observation Post, get out to the Information Centre and Museum, get to the Heights for St. Barbara's Church and the viewpoint over Lake Kariba and do a Sunset Cruise on the lake.

With two nights allowing one full day you have several good options - do some of the above with the slack time between flights and then do a full day activity. The best is the combination safari over a full day. It includes a game drive into Kuburi and the Charara Safari Area, a walk with a Pro guide, a short canoe trip up the Nyaodza to a place called "hippo city" and then a trip back by boat with sundowners in the treeline before returning to your hotel in Kariba. It's all inclusive and costs US$75 plus Z$100 for parks fees. Have a good breakfast in advance, take sufficient film for the wildlife you'll encounter and don't expect a late night afterwards. A good option is the one day canoeing on the lower Zambezi through the Kariba Gorge. It runs on the Zambian side - the scenery through the Gorge is excellent, but don't expect to see lots of game. It costs US$70 plus half the cost of the Visa for the Zambian entry.

If you really want to get a good taste of the Zambezi Valley then you need to put aside 4 days.

Popular one day activities in and around Kariba:


  • Town Tours: depart morning and afternoon.
  • Town and Crocodile Farm tours: Morning and Afternoon.
  • Game Drives: Morning and Afternoon.

Canoe Trips

  • Half and full day canoe trips are available in Leisure Bay.
  • Full day canoeing on the lower Zambezi River.

Safari Excursions (Conducted with a Professional Guide)

  • Morning, afternoon or full day walks are available.
  • "Combination Safaris" including walking, canoeing, driving and boating every day.
  • One day excursions into Matusadona.

Boat trips

  • Half and full day fishing trips.
  • Full day fishing safaris accompanied by an "old salt".
  • Sail Safaris.
  • Sunrise and Sunset cruises.

Where to go in Kariba

The Heights

  • St. Barbara's Church - historical interest
  • Lookout point from Most High Hotel car park
  • Legends - best choice of books, maps, clothes & gifts in town
  • The Little Shop - T-shirts, costumes, books, kiosk
  • Sugar and Spice - gifts and stationery
  • Fox on Toast - gifts, T-shirts etc.
  • Kariba Selections - clothing
  • The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. - home of
  • Kariba Central Booking Office
  • Post Office, Barclays Bank, Pharmacy, Doctor's surgery, Supermarket
  • Kariba Country Club - best viewed on a hot day with a beer in hand

Andora Harbour Vicinity

  • Observation Post - Kariba Publicity Association, Helga's Tea Hut, crafts
  • MOTH camp - chalets and camping grounds
  • Kushinga - camp site and chalets
  • Kariba Ferries - ferry service to Milibizi
  • Lake View Inn, Custom's Post, ZV Supermarket, Kariba Service Station

Marineland Vicinity

  • Shearwater Shop at Kariba Breezes - gifts, clothing, stationery, etc.
  • Marineland Harbour, Caribbea Bay Resort and Casino, Kariba Breezes Hotel
  • Winsor Diesels, Polly's, Barclays ATM, crafts

Makuti Road

  • Wildlife Society (Kariba Branch) Information Centre - PEAK offices, Museum and Tea Garden
  • Kariba Airport, United Air Services, Zimbabwe Express

Cutty Sark Turnoff

  • Tamarind Lodges, Cutty Sark Hotel, Mopane Bay Campsite
  • Lomagundi Lakeside Association

Chawara Turnoff

  • Chawara Harbour, Floatplane Services, Kariba Bream Farm

Kaburi HQ Turnoff

  • Kaburi HQ - run by the Kariba Branch of the Wildlife Society
  • Crocodile Farm, Nyanyana campsite

Charara Turnoff

  • NAU lodges and campsite, Nzou Lodges, Cerruti Lodges, Wild Heritage

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