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Courtesy Jeremy Woodhouse
"To many the name Botswana is synonymous with vast herds of game and whilst there is truth in this, it is not, to those who know and understand the country, the true reason for its compelling attraction and lasting effect on people. What then does draw visitors in ever increasing numbers to this evocative land?

The answer can be summed up in one word - wilderness. Wilderness is found in the immensity of flawless skies that arch from horizon to horizon or in the deafening silence in the still of an ink-black night when, as the bushmen themselves proclaim, it is possible to hear the stars in song. And if this is not enough to lure the Africa enthusiast to the seductive embrace of the Kalahari then the addition of names such as Okavango, Savuti, Moremi and Chobe completes the process." Mike Main - author of "Zambezi: Journey of a River" and "Kalahari: Life's variety in Dune and Delta".

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