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About us
Kariba Up until a generation ago, Kariba was a hot and inhospitable point in the Gwembe Valley known to a handful of hunters, explorers, surveyors and the River Tonga.

Kariba is now the launching point into one of Africa's best wildlife hotspots for photographic and adventure safaris. An hour's flight from Harare, a "lake-hop" from Victoria Falls, Kariba offers access to one of Africa's lesser known wildernesses with big game concentrations - elephant, lion, black rhino, leopard and buffalo.


  • Mana Pools, (a World Heritage Site, known for its abundance and variety of game and birdlife)
  • Matusadona, (a lesser known National Park, recognised as having the second highest concentration of lions after Ngorongoro Crater)
  • Manyuli, (an exclusive and uninhabited concession in the main game corridor between Chizarira and Matusadona National Parks)
  • Chete, (a small concession offering quick access to some of Lake Kariba's best fishing territory)
  • Chizarira or
  • the lower Zambezi River (the wild side - offering unrivalled canoe safaris).

Consider a walking safari, a canoe safari, a houseboat charter, a "sailing safari" or a selection of "one-day" safari options.

If you're serious about a safari which offers a dramatic contrast from "urban ritual" and a genuine wilderness experience then make contact with us.

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