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What are the Safari options in Southern Africa?

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Walking Safaris offer amongst the best possible wildlife experiences ranging from adventurous back pack trails, backed up safaris, portered trails to a number of walking trails from traditional tented camps, seasonal bushcamps or deluxe safari lodges. [guide to walking safaris]

Zambezi Canoeing (courtesy Robin Brown)Canoe Safaris are amongst the most popular safari pursuits in southern Africa, they range from one day trails in the Okavango and Upper Zambezi to full blown expeditions on the lower Zambezi River.

Options range from adventurous "full participation" trips to deluxe backed up safaris. [guide to canoe safaris]


Specialist Safaris are ideal if you're in pursuit of specific bird or game species or want to explore specific cultural, geological, archaeological or other aspects of some of the more remote areas.
We have a team of experienced consultants, operators and guides within our company and network.  [
speak to us about your particular interests]

Adrenaline options: Victoria Falls, Africa's "Adrenaline Capital" offers instant gratification to adventure junkies - go white water rafting on the world's wildest one-day rafting run, take a 111m jump off the Victoria Falls bridge, go river-boarding, sky diving or microlighting.  [more...]

Victoria Falls is a simple and convenient hub for accessing some of the more remote adventure options elsewhere in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia - it's also a convenient connection with Johannesburg and Cape Town. [more...]

Mobile safaris particularly in Botswana and Namibia are ideal for exploring the diversity of these large expanses. Anything less than 14 days on safari is inadequate - join a fixed departure group or make up your own with a few friends and set your own dates. [explore Botswana or Namibia]

Fly-in or "Wing safaris" using a light aircraft are ideal for a "bird's eye view" of the main attractions particularly in Namibia and Botswana over a short stay safari. [explore Botswana or Namibia]

Self-drive safaris are ideal for Namibia and Zimbabwe - prepare to spend a minimum of 3 weeks on the road, plan well, have fun. [explore  Namibia or Zimbabwe]

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