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Gorilla, chimp and primate safaris offer an intimate window into a world of magic and new discovery in Africa’s last refuges

Tracking Africa’s mountain gorillas is the ultimate wildlife experience. When you reach them, you’ll have just one hour in their company, but it will be a magical hour you’ll never forget. Like any family, there will be naughty toddlers, sulky teenagers, and doting mothers grooming their young, while the burly silverback keeps his protective eye on them all.

With 880 mountain gorillas now living in the Virunga Mountains and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Rwanda and Uganda are prime gorilla-tracking countries. Permits are expensive – between $600 and $750 – but this will go towards protecting these incredible animals. Their survival is one of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories.

Only eight people can track a group just once a day, so plan ahead to be sure of getting a permit. It helps to be fit; some groups living high in the mountains can take five hours to reach, while others can be seen within an hour.

In sharing 97% of our DNA, gorillas are prone to catching our infections so you should stay at least 7 metres away from them, although they don’t know this and can come tantalizingly close.

Africa offers plenty of other primate-tracking opportunities too. These include Western Lowland gorillas in Congo (Brazzaville) and lemurs in Madagascar. Cheeky golden monkeys and colobus are favourites in Rwanda, whilst chimp-spotters might wish to give Tanzania and Uganda some consideration.


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Rwanda safari - Nyungwe courtesy Julie Brenner

Classic Rwanda Safari

Gorillas and so much more including chimpanzees and incredible bird life in the lush Nyungwe Forest, Lake Kivu and Parc des National Virunga

From $7292 8 days / 7 nightsMore info
Classic Uganda safari - round the houses by John Berry

Classic Uganda Safari

The complete Uganda safari with gorillas, chimps, big game and birdlife to boot - easily customisable to include East Africa's migration

From $4250 10 days / 9 nightsMore info
Easy gorillas in Rwanda courtesy Tim Henshall

Easy Gorillas in Rwanda

The Rwanda gorilla treks are usually regarded as the easiest - here's the smart way to trek for mountain gorillas from Kigali into Parc de National Virunga

From $1779 4 days / 3 nightsMore info
Mountain gorilla trek with Billy Dodson

Gorilla Trek in Bwindi

Here's the quickest and simplest way to trek for mountain gorillas in Uganda - it's our 4 day mountain gorilla safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

From $1820 4 days / 3 nightsMore info
Lowland gorillas by Chris Worden

Odzala – Congo

Discover Odzala-Kokoua in Congo-Brazzaville - renowned as the richest forest block in central Africa for primate species

From $6500 8 days / 7 nightsMore info

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