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Small group safari tours

Group safari tours are the cost-effective way to explore both mainstream and remote Africa under the guidance of some of our best guides in the company of like minded friends. Perfect for solo travellers or first-timers wanting just a bit more security.

For over 2 decades we’ve stuck to a simple mantra:

  • Use mainstream routes to keep costs down
  • Have lots of trip accommodation and activity options on hand.
  • Get into the remoter areas where wildlife is plentiful, crowds are thin and guides are in their element.

These smaller safari groups are good for seasoned travellers in Africa who know some of the ropes. Similarly for those with strong budgets and lots of time who’re happy to pay for the best local expertise.

Escorted group safari tours into our traditional African destinations

Escorted small group tours are the perfect match for solo travellers. These safaris add a simple layer of security because you’re exploring with like minded people. They’re ideal for first timers in Africa. The easy way to explore mainstream safari routes in East and southern Africa. Especially good trekking option in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and also Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

Also the easy way to cut the costs of a family or group of friends travelling in celebration of a milestone. We run these group tours on set dates through the year. Maximum group size is 8 to 10 depending on where we travel.

The best secret spots in Africa

Some of our most secret safari spots and the emerging safari destinations in Central Africa can be very difficult and also costly to run at a high standard.

These are places where the cost of chartering a light aircraft in and out alone outweighs the cost of the few days on the safari itself. The only cost-effective way to explore some of these spots is to secure a group big enough to share the costs. The added advantage is that we’re able to select from Africa’s best guides to run the trip.

These small group safaris get us into relatively unexplored enclaves in Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, the CAR and Chad. We run them seasonally or on request only.

Minimum group size is 6, maximum is 10 guests.

Get some inspiration

Wild dog encounter with Nkosi of Letaka Safaris - courtesy Grant Reed

Northern Highlights - Botswana

Explore Chobe and the Okavango on a fully supported mobile safari over 10 days. Run year round on set dates or private departures on request.

From $3445 10 days / 9 nightsMore info
Gus Alexander leading one of the lower Zambezi canoe safaris for Natureways - courtesy James Varden

Lower Zambezi Canoe Safaris

We've run canoe safaris since 1995. From Kariba, past Mana Pools, Sapi, Chewore and Mupata Gorge to Kanyemba. 230km of untamed adventure!

From $1469 9 days / 8 nightsMore info
Mark and Jackie summit Kilimanjaro via Lemosho

Kilimanjaro - Lemosho route

A 9 day fully - guided trek up the Lemosho Route favoured for being less crowded and its high summit success rate.

From $1840 9 days / 8 nightsMore info
Lowland gorillas

Odzala - Congo

Best described as an active discovery within very remote rainforests of the Congo Basin. Suitable for seasoned African travellers only.

From $10370 8 days / 7 nightsMore info
Petit Loango - Gabon safari by Trish Berry

Discover Gabon

"Africa's Eden" became very difficult as a proper safari destination a few years ago...best for intrepid travellers...done on a few set date trips each year.

From $4270 10 days / 9 nightsMore info
Dzanga-Ndoki Pangolin courtesy Tim Henshall of Kamili

Dzanga-Ndoki Expedition

Expeditionary and off-beat in Dzanga-Ndoki National Park. Suitable for adventurers, photographers, birders, specialists and seasoned travellers only.

From $5795 8 days / 7 nightsMore info