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Exceptional African safaris made simple

Giraffe against the sunset whilst on safari in Botswana Exceptional African safaris
made simple

Whatever type of African safari or experience you’re seeking, let our knowledgeable team guide you to your perfect safari journey in Africa.

The different types of safari below should make the selection process a bit easier. You'll find a full range of African safaris from specialist photographic trips and perfect honeymoons to adventurous activities and more traditional African explorations by vehicle, foot or canoe.

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Choose your Safari Type

Choose your Safari Type
Family Safaris

Embrace the natural world - a complete treat for the family

With almost year round sunshine, animals that children dream about, fabulous beaches, child-friendly locals - all the main elements for a successful African family holiday.

Our specialists take care of everything - learning to track animals, cooking in a bush kitchen, making fire or simply learning outdoor life. If you're worried about malaria we'll steer you towards malaria free destinations. 

Migration Safaris

Look at Tanzania's Serengeti or Kenya's Masai Mara, December to March or May to November.

Widely regarded as the greatest show on earth! 

We offer guaranteed solutions for catching the annual migration...with the best guides, areas, wildlife and keenest prices.

When the migration is on, the best space is at a premium and advance bookings are essential.

Traditional African Safaris

Luxury safari lodges or canvas bush camps under the stars...

Under canvas in semi-permanent bush camps or permanent luxury safari lodges, even our traditional tented camps come with more than a light touch of style.

Don't confuse a traditional safari camp with a thin, dome tent, a sleeping bag on a skinny hard mat and your father ordering you to wash up in the chilly river water!

Walking Safaris

Feet on the ground you feel, smell and hear Africa!

Understanding the pulse of the African bush by foot is the most intimate route. Walking trails extend over a few nights or a few hours with a safari guide. It's one of the best ways to get you into areas of game activity and sample all aspects of the bush.  

The South Luangwa is a first class area on foot. Certain spots in Kenya offer prime walking safaris with the added dimension accompanied camels!

Canoe Safaris

Zambezi canoe safaris with fully qualified canoe guides offer a unique means for getting safely close to big game.

Several large African rivers are run by canoe but the lower Zambezi river holds centre stage.

Our canoe safaris range from wild camping on the Zambezi to deluxe backed up trails using tented camps in Mana Pools National Park or permanent lodges in the Lower Zambezi National Park for overnight stops.

Mobile Safaris

The ultimate way to explore the fascinating African continent from village life to spectacuar wildernesses - in a group or on your own on a private self-drive safari.

The chance to create your own adventure! The excitement is not only in the destination but in the journey itself.

Led by a professional guide and accompanied by a small convoy of staff, equipment and other necessary back-up. The groups are small 6 to 12 people. Book a private mobile safari or join an existing mixed group on a set departure date.

Our favourites explore Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Uganda.

Honeymoon safaris

Get out to Africa and experience the romantic chic of beautiful safari camps and the magnificent coasts. 

We know a honeymoon is one of the most critical holidays especially as it comes after the stress of organizing the Wedding. Every detail of your honeymoon is the concern of our specialists. 

Create your own Zambezi honeymoon webpage showing your itinerary and invite your wedding guests to contribute towards your holiday of a lifetime. Look at the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique or or the Serengeti National Park combined with Zanzibar.

Special Interest Safaris

Photographers! You can't find a better group or way to travel for a photo safari

Take your camera on the roads of Africa and focus on learning tips and techniques for shooting great photos of wild life designed for amateur photographers of all levels. You'll be accompanied by seasoned wildlife photographers who're passionate about adventuring into the wilderness.

During your learning holiday, you'll stay in small safari camps with expert safari guides and fully catered accommodation. Trip maximum of 7 participants plus a photographic safari expert.

Primate Safaris

Its just monkey business ...

The mains species to be seen include the lemurs of Madagascar; mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda and the chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains and Kibale Forest.

All of these primate species are on the endangered wildlife list particularly the mountain gorilla.

Join one of our privately guided and small-group set date primate safaris all year - advance bookings are essential between June and September.

Bush and Beach Safaris

Titivate your senses in the wilderness then add a dash of pure relaxation on the exotic coast of Africa and her islands.

East Africa boasts sweeping remote beaches on the Kenyan coast down along the Swahili coast to the archipelago of the spice islands - Zanzibar, Pemba & Mafia Islands.

Passing through down to Quilalea and Vamizi to Rocktail Bay in Southern Africa. Finally along the Garden Route through to the colder waters of the Cape where the great white sharks and whales are regularly spotted off shore.

Off Beat Explorations

There are many well known areas in Africa and then there are those hidden places which inspire adventurers to head off with camera and notebook to hand.

There's plenty to quench your interest in Africa's remotest spots: consider a dhow safari in northern Mozambique or try a gorilla expedition through Congo's rainforests.

Horse riding safaris

Thrilling rides and a low environmental footprint.

Riding through the bush and getting close-up to giraffe, elephant or galloping with zebra adds an excitment to an African horse ride.

Choose horse trails at Victoria Falls or an excellent 1 week ride in the Okavango Delta, Botswana or Kenya. South Africa offers a wide range of stables which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect safari. Enjoy the freedom of the open space with big game viewing.

Activity Adventures

Ride nature and up your adrenalin levels!

Zambezi white water rafting; kayaking and riverboarding; fishing, marathons, cycling and mountaineering treks are just some of the thrilling range of activities on offer. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro!

Some can be included as short one day activities during a regular safari however a few are safaris in their own right. Multi-day white water rafting safari is a whole adventure and very popular for small groups (take our Batoka rafting expedition as an example!)

Marine Conservation safaris

Through a joint venture with the National Marine Aquarium we have some unique opportunities to get directly involved in a series of conservation and research adventures off the African coast in Mozambique, Sao Tome and Kenya.

Guests participate in different marine conservation projects alongside marine biologists and researchers.

You’ll return having made a real difference to the local ecosystems with a wider understanding of Africa's marine conservation needs.

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