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Types of Safaris in Congo and CAR
Marine Conservation safaris

Through a joint venture with the National Marine Aquarium we have some unique opportunities to get directly involved in a series of conservation and research adventures off the African coast in Mozambique, Sao Tome and Kenya.

Guests participate in different marine conservation projects alongside marine biologists and researchers.

You’ll return having made a real difference to the local ecosystems with a wider understanding of Africa's marine conservation needs.

Off Beat Explorations

There are many well known areas in Africa and then there are those hidden places which inspire adventurers to head off with camera and notebook to hand.

There's plenty to quench your interest in Africa's remotest spots: consider a dhow safari in northern Mozambique or try a gorilla expedition through Congo's rainforests.

Primate Safaris

Its just monkey business ...

The mains species to be seen include the lemurs of Madagascar; mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda and the chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains and Kibale Forest.

All of these primate species are on the endangered wildlife list particularly the mountain gorilla.

Join one of our privately guided and small-group set date primate safaris all year - advance bookings are essential between June and September.

Special Interest Safaris

Photographers! You can't find a better group or way to travel for a photo safari

Take your camera on the roads of Africa and focus on learning tips and techniques for shooting great photos of wild life designed for amateur photographers of all levels. You'll be accompanied by seasoned wildlife photographers who're passionate about adventuring into the wilderness.

During your learning holiday, you'll stay in small safari camps with expert safari guides and fully catered accommodation. Trip maximum of 7 participants plus a photographic safari expert.

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