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The Okavango Delta - The Okavango Delta is unquestionably Africa's finest wetland and is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Although the Delta's wildlife diversity and concentrations are modest by comparison with some other safari destinations in the region the Okavango offers a truly rejuvenating experience.    (...see more)

Moremi Game Reserve - Moremi, located in the north eastern Delta including Chief's Island and the private concessions on its fringe is a prime attraction - its game, birdlife and scenery is spectacular. The area contains some of Botswana's finest small and seasonal safari lodges and is favoured by us on our safaris. Moremi is subject to significant seasonal variation and this needs to be considered quite carefully when planning a safari.    (...see more)


Chobe National Park - Chobe is arguably Botswana's finest destination for game viewing particularly on the Chobe riverfront and in the Savuti area. Unfortunately it tends to be a bit crowded and the solution is often sought in some of the remoter and more exclusive concessions to the west. Chobe is a prime destination for first time visitors to Africa and provides some excellent opportunities for specialists.    (...see more)

The Kalahari - The Kalahari, broadly encompassing the Makgadikgadi and Nxai pans is not a conventional safari destination. It is however an absolutely fascinating ecological habitat heavily influenced by larger geological factors and seasonal water. A safari in the Kalahari is a truly rewarding experience….   (...see more)

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