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  • Specialist safaris - Botswana has many contrasting habitats in which safaris are conducted by sophisticated operators - it offers ideal venues for guests wanting either exclusivity or personalised opportunites on safari
  • Mobile Safaris - There is a small selection of highly competent operators who're very capable of supporting a thorough exploration of the country or in-depth safaris within specific habitats
  • Fly-in Safaris - Botswana's diversity is best experienced on a flying safari basis if you're short on time
  • Mokoro trails - dug-out canoe trails that are synonymous with the Delta
  • Walking safaris - our prejudice should be put to the test at two exceptional safari areas: Selinda and southern Okavango
  • Self-drive Safaris - a very viable option if you've come well prepared and hold a good safari plan
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Botswana's safaris

Specialist safaris

Botswana's substantially contrasting habitats and sophisticated safari industry makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a more exclusive safari. This is further enhanced by the low volume high yield economic approach by the authorities and industry which has had a positive influence on the quality of safaris in Botswana. The sensitive environments are also well respected by operators who have tended to specialise to a very high degree. The result is a sensible balance that consistently ensures a highly productive safari experience in Africa.

Mobile safaris

Botswana's poor road infrastructure is ideal for keeping the hordes at bay and provides a few well-equipped and highly competent operators with an excellent opportunity to provide a selection of some of Africa's best mobile safaris. Duration and seasonal timing is important, if planned correctly mobile safaris are arguably the best way to explore the fuller diversity of Botswana.

Fly-in safaris

Most of Botswana's best safari secrets are remote and secluded. If you're short on time but want a broad experience then the fly-in safaris are the best mode of travel. Fly-in safaris can be suited by taste to specific camps on a totally tailor-made safari basis or alternatively on a fixed duration basis covering the Okavango and Linyanti/Savuti regions (plan on a minimum of 8 safari-days for the latter).

Mokoro trails

Dug-out canoe trips are synonymous with the Okavango Delta - "mokoro" singular, "mekoro" plural. The best places are in the permanently flooded zone of the Delta - look at Little Vumbura, Jedibe and Xigera. Many camps in the seasonally flooded zone offer mokoro trails but this is often a question of seasonal timing and conditions following the previous flood.

Walking safaris

Walking trails are offered at most of the camps and lodges that we utilise. Two walking safaris are particularly recommended in the Selinda and southern Okavango areas.

Self-drive safaris

Botswana has a poor road infrastructure by comparison with Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Many of the better locations are seasonally off-limits in the extreme and even when conditions are good they're unadulterated 4x4 turf. Good planning is essential and extra time to explore should be allowed for.

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