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Dzanga-Ndoki Expedition

This is our off beat and unique safari to Dzanga-Ndoki National Park in Central African Republic. Divided into two sectors - the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve and the Ndoki Reserve, the park’s highlights include net hunting with the Ba-Aka pygmies, viewing forest elephant and tracking western lowland gorilla. There’s also an astonishing array of birds and the striking bongo antelope in these central rain forests. This is a very special and pretty much undiscovered destination.

During the expedition we’ll visit the Dzanga Bai. This is a large forest clearing with a viewing platform on the edge of the Bai and it’s here that some 4000 elephants have been spotted over the last few years.  Other species seen are forest buffalo, giant forest hogs, also gorillas and bongos.

  • Dzanga Ndoki National Park, Central African Republic
  • 8 days/7 nights

Highlights of Dzanga-Ndoki

A dense rainforest and home to incredible wildlife. The Dzanga-Ndoki Park is over 4000 sq km and the best way to access the area is via Cameroon, South Africa or Kenya. The park is close to the borders of Cameroon and Congo in the south-western part of the Central African Republic. Finally, the park is home to many species of primates including the grey cheeked mangabey and chimpanzee. Good for photographers, birders, adventurers and experienced Africanites!

  • activities with the Ba-Aka tribe
  • visit to Dzanga Bai
  • viewing forest elephant
  • trekking western lowland gorilla
  • exotic array of unique birds
  • striking bongo antelope

Best time of year to go to Dzanga-Ndoki

  • June to September  - wet season in the north
  • May to October - wet season in the south

The Dzanga-Ndoki Expedition is a group safari so all travel and activities will be shared. Although private trips can be arranged for a minimum of 4 guests if you prefer to travel in a smaller more intimate group.

Check the full Dzanga-Ndoki itinerary here

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(Congo bai courtesy Tim Henshall)

ItineraryFrom $5795

Day 1 - Bangui - Bayanga Airstrip

Depart Bangui M'Poko International Airport on your scheduled charter flight to Bayanga. You'll be met on arrival. Road transfer to to Dzanga-Sangha in time for sundowners.

Day 2 - Dzanga-Ndoki National Park - gorilla trekking Day 2 - Dzanga-Ndoki National Park - gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking-depart for Bai Hoku research camp (approx. 1 hour drive). On arrival depart with the tracking team; a Ba’Aka forest tracker and WWF researcher to track the gorillas.

Day 3 -  Bai Hoku gorilla trekking Day 3 - Bai Hoku gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking-depart for Bai Hoku research camp (approx. 1 hour drive). On arrival depart with the tracking team; a Ba’Aka forest tracker and WWF researcher to track the gorillas.

Day 4 - Dzanga Bai - forest elephant hike Day 4 - Dzanga Bai - forest elephant hike

Forest hike and elephants of Dzanga Bai - drive into the rainforest for leisurely hike along the elephant paths, through cool shallow sand streams surrounded by butterflies. Sangha Lodge for dinner.

Day 5 - Ba'aka net hunting and forest gathering Day 5 - Ba'aka net hunting and forest gathering

Join a group of Ba’aka net hunters as they go about their daily gathering. It's fascinating to see how well adapted and at home these people are in the forest.

Day 6 - Boating and waterfalls Day 6 - Boating and waterfalls

Head upriver by boat, hike to a series of amazing waterfalls with incredible views over prime rain forest canopy. Possible sightings of the rare and endangered Grey-necked Rock fowl.

Day 7 - Mangabey trekking with picnic lunch

A day in the park - picnic lunch. Walk in the forest clearings, lookout for buffalos, elephants and several monkey species. Visit a group of habituated monkeys; the Agile Mangabey.

Day 8 - Depart for Bangui Airport Day 8 - Depart for Bangui Airport

This morning you will be transferred to Bangui Airport for your international flight home.

View full digital itinerary here
Useful info Tips and notesHow to get thereWildlife

Tips and notes

The cost for the trip includes the following:

  • 7 night’s accommodation at Sangha Lodge on full board basis
  • All vehicle hire and landed costs while at sangha lodge.
  • 1 gorilla tracking permit per person.
  • 1 Mangabey tracking permit
  • 1 Bai walk
  • 1 Visit to Dzanga Bai
  • 1 day’s net hunting and pygmy activities
  • 1 Boat trip to the waterfall /Picathartes site
  • 1 night walk
  • Charter flights to and from Bangui.
  • Meet and Greet and Airport assistance.

Not included,

  • Accommodation and transfers in Bangui if needed.
  • Any park activities not specified here.
  • Drinks except bottled water

How to get there

Our safari starts and ends in Bangui and we have set departures running from Sunday to Sunday so that they fit in with Kenya Airways flights in and out of Nairobi. Finally, we can also arrange private charters from Douala, Cameroon.

Fly on scheduled flights to Douala in Cameroon on Air France or via Johannesburg on SAA. From Doula you’ll connect to Bayanga on the borders of the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park on a private charter.

This trip is expeditionary, off beat and and if its your first time to Africa, you don’t like surprises, an insect or two, a bit of an adventure we strongly urge going off this page and considering one of our other safaris!




The tracking team that consists of a Ba’Aka forest tracker and WWF researcher. The team will depart camp with information on where the gorillas slept the previous night. Begin the trek searching for the nest. As soon as the nest site is found, the team then follows the traces the gorillas have left while moving and feeding. The search for these western lowland gorillas follows elephant paths and narrow trails. The pursuit can be extensive as gorillas can sometimes cover significant distances before finding a fruit tree of choice. Tracking can take 1 to 2 hours before establishing contact with them, and while encounters are always likely they cannot be guaranteed. Mangabey tracking – before or after tracking gorillas, you will have the opportunity to track the colorful and agile mangabey monkeys. Departing from Bai Hoku research camp with the tracking team, search for these medium sized monkeys that are mostly ground-dwelling and feed on a diverse array of fruits, seeds, stems, eggs, insects and even certain mammals. The group followed at Bai Hokou is of an exceptional size, numbering more than 200 individuals whose range is focused around the bai system, and the habituation process allows this secretive and relatively unknown species to be easily observed in the dense vegetation. The group can be observed at distances of less than 30ft while they rummage through leaf litter, store seeds in their cheek pouches, and groom their companions. These monkeys also have a vast vocal repertoire, with the males possessing a vocal sac to amplify their distinctive ‘whoops’ across the forest - allowing them to communicate to the rest of their group and other groups. With a bit of luck you will not only see mangabeys, forest elephants and buffalos, but also sitatunga, bongo antelopes. The sounds, smells and the luminous green of the vegetation also creates a very unique African landscape atmosphere.

Please Note: Gorilla trekking occurs twice daily allowing 3 guests per trek with 1 hour of viewing the gorilla group. Each trek begins and ends at Bai Hoku, and the gorilla permit is an additional cost.


Forest elephant gather in a clearing, called a “bai,” is frequented by scores of forest elephants who exhibit wonderful interactive behaviors: meeting and greeting each other, sniffing, trumpeting and challenging, and sinking their long trunks deep into water-logged holes in search of minerals. Here you’ll can also meet field biologist Andrea Turkalo the world’s leading expert on forest elephants, who has lived in Dzanga Sangha for 20 years, and works to decipher the elephants’ vocal communication as she compiles the world’s first “elephant dictionary” from her perch on the edge of the baai.

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Best Locations

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park Dzanga-Ndoki National Park

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park home to the B’Aka tribe

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