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A "scenic guide" to our safaris in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia - including descriptions, maps, photo galleries, links to camps, lodges, and individual operations..

Endowed with great wildlife and habitat diversity, Southern Africa has a mature safari industry that was founded on the generous provision of style and classic comfort in some particularly harsh and remote wilderness areas.

These safari spots in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia appeal as much to

  • modern romantics as they did to our forefathers a few generations ago - civilised enclaves in the wild parts of Africa are very much a part of our traditional safaris today...
  • modern explorers as they did to the hunters, prospectors, missionaries and surveyors of old whose wanderlust drove them deeper into the wild and uninhabited regions of our continent - it's called "adventure travel" now…

Lion, Mana Pools (courtesy Patrick Brakspear)Africa is not the ideal "package holiday" destination - our safaris are particularly suited for couples or small cohesive groups of friends and family. If you're planning a trip - do your research, consider your choices well and come armed with enthusiasm and a well-developed sense of adventure.

All of our safaris are planned on a personal basis.  We have a small team of experienced safari consultants, operators and guides to assist you.  A small section on our site is devoted to typical tours...


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