Land of the Aye Aye and Lemurs

The Maroantsetra region shelters rare Aye Aye lemurs in the Masoala National Park rain forests. The Aye Aye is known for its long, skeletal middle finger, fox like ears and rodent teeth. Welcome to the Land of the Aye Aye!

Want to try and spot the elusive aye aye? Head east!

  • Masoala National Park
  • Andasibe National Parks, Madagascar
  • 10 nights/11 days

A land of luxuriant vegetation and huge tropical rainforests.

Highlights of the Maroantsetra region

Your safari takes off with a flight to Maroantsetra via Tamatave in the north east. Take a boat to Ambanizana to visit Masoala National Park for the night and then an excursion to Nosy Mangabe to find the aye aye.

  • Our safari is for travellers with a passion for nature and wildlife.
  • visit the region of the Maroantsetra with its rainforest that shelters the unique and threatened lemur species of Aye Aye
  • the “canal des Pangalanes” with its green landscape
  • the “Andasibe Special Reserve” which is known for “Indri Indri“, the largest lemur
  • visit Palmarium private park to spot lemurs and chameleons in the rain forest surrounding the huge, blue lake nestled in the forest

You’ll spend a couple of nights in the Andisibe area listening to the wailing call of the Indri Indri before ending in Antananarivo and connecting to your onward flights…

Best time to go to Madagascar

  • December and March - most rain fall
  • May to November - driest months
  • August to December - driest months in the east

Madagascar, Africa’s Galapagos… 

Unspoilt beaches, unrivalled wildlife, exceptional birding and some incredible scenery, Madagascar is a beautiful and interesting place to explore. The fourth largest island on the planet with 80% endemic flora and fauna.

ItineraryFrom $2540

Day 1 -  Antananarivo Day 1 - Antananarivo

You're met on arrival at Antananarivo (Tana) for a 15 minute transfer to the Antananarivo IC Hotel on a bed/breakfast basis for one night.

Day 2 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala Day 2 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala

Fly to Maroantsetra on the Bay of Antongil, boat transfer to Masoala National Park along the bay of Antongil to reach Tampolo village and the Masoala NP. Amazing wildlife and stunning beaches.

Day 3 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala Day 3 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala

Morning guided walk into the primary forest of the Masoala National Park to view the birds, lemurs and the countless other creatures endemic to this forest. Home to the unique "blue helmet vanga"

Day 4 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala Day 4 - Tana to Maroantsetra to Masoala

Great spot for snorkelling with large sandy beaches and reefs. Guided night walk to view the nocturnal wildlife and perhaps spot the famous "Aye aye" a threatened night species of lemur.

Day 5 - Masoala - Nosy Mangabe National Park - Maroantsetra Day 5 - Masoala - Nosy Mangabe National Park - Maroantsetra

Boat transfer to Nosy Mangabe, an island in the bay of Antongil. A nature reserve has been set up here especially to protect the rare aye-aye. Many diverse orchids, lemurs, birds, insects, amphibians

Day 6 - Maroantsetra - Tamatave - Akanin'ny nofy Day 6 - Maroantsetra - Tamatave - Akanin'ny nofy

Air transfer to Tamatave, then a boat along the Pangalanes Canal. Ankanin'ny Nofy means nest of the dreams. Surrounded by a large blue lake, it's the perfect spot to relax.

Day 7 - Akanin'ny Nofy Day 7 - Akanin'ny Nofy

Visit to Palmarium, a private park inside a luxuriant rainy tropical forest where we can see many different kinds of animals: lemurs, chameleons.

Day 8 - Ankanin'ny Nofy - Andasibe Day 8 - Ankanin'ny Nofy - Andasibe

Boat transfer Brickaville, a small city famous for its sugar cane orange plantations.A car will be waiting to transfer you to Andasibe through the green and luxuriant vegetation of the east.

Day 9 - Andasibe Day 9 - Andasibe

Special Reserve of Andasibe to see the Indri Indri (biggest lemurs). Also the private reserve of Vakona for 4 lemur species. On to a Betsimisaraka (The Many Inseparable), village.

Day 10 - Andasibe Day 10 - Andasibe

Drive through the lush landscape of tropical rainforest , lakes and rivers. Visit the Pyereras Reserve to view reptiles. Arrive IC Hotel, Tana rest in your day room. Transfer to the airport.

Day 11 - Andasibe - Tana Day 11 - Andasibe - Tana

Drive through the tropical rainforest passing by small lakes and rivers. Visit the Pyereras Reserve to view reptiles. Arrive IC Hotel Tana relax in your day room. Transfer to airport for your flight.

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Useful info How to get there

How to get there

The safari starts and finishes in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital. The best international flights to get into Madagascar are on Air France via Paris, Kenya Airways via Nairobi or South African Airways via Johannesburg.

Your Zambezi consultant will assist you with your international flights if required.

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Best Locations

Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks

Andasibe Mantadia National Park, most popular reserve in Madagascar protects the Indri indri lemur species, birds, reptiles and invertebrates

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Masoala National Park Masoala National Park

Madagascar's Maroantsetra home to the Aye Aye lemur in Masoala National Park. Aye Aye is known for its long middle finger, foxy ears and rodent teeth!

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