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  • Named after the oldest desert in the world that extends almost the entire length of its South Atlantic coastline.
  • Namibia boasts 20 National Parks and protected areas, with a small population (under 2 million), the country has dramatic and sparsely inhabited wilderness areas with truly spectacular mountain and desert landscapes. The stark emptiness and desolation of the Namibian expanses are captivating.
  • The country is well endowed with wildlife but doesn't compete with its regional neighbours in terms of game concentrations and variety (Namibia has the world's highest concentration of wild cheetah). The adaptation to its arid and harsh habitats by animal and plant species is fascinating.
  • Namibia's birdlife is renowned with nearly 70% of southern Africa's 887 bird species having been recorded.
  • The regions of prime "safari-interest" include the Etosha National Park, Namib-Naukluft Park, the Skeleton Coast, Kaokoveld (described as "Africa's last great wilderness") and the Caprivi Strip.
  • Namibia has an infant tourism industry and is best tackled on a mobile safari basis. Namibia has a first class road network which facilitates excellent self-drive safari prospects for the more intrepid.
  • Namibia holds a unique set of rewards for adventurous spirits.
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