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  • Self-drive safaris - if you're keen on doing an independent safari, Namibia has some fine rewards for explorers
  • Mobile Safaris - take a guide into some of Namibia's remoter places
  • "Wing Safaris" - the best means for a personalised safari that covers Namibia's highlights in a week
  • Specialist safaris - ideally suited for seasoned African visitors
  • Etosha - do on a self-drive basis or go on the "Tok-Tokkie" safari or fly-in safari - Ongava Lodge is the best safari lodge
  • The Namib Desert - self-drive, fly-in or go mobile, consider Wolwedans Dune Lodge or Sossusvlei Wilderness Camp
  • Kaokoveld - seriously consider the Kunene Safaris mobile safari or fly-in. The best options in Damaraland include Damaraland Camp and Huab Lodge
  • Skeleton Coast - the northern sector is off-limits, consider the fly-in option or the "Tok-Tokkie" mobile safari
  • Caprivi Strip - rather tackle the Selinda Reserve in Botswana
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Self-drive Safaris
Namibia is ideal for independent adventurers - it has an excellent network of roads by African standards with tar links between major towns and nearly 60000km of good secondary gravel roads. Distances between attractions are immense, suitable time allowances and special attention should be paid in planning a self-drive safari. All of the major safari spots can be covered independently and accommodation is available through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) rest camps or on game farms or lodges near these attractions. Certain areas of the Kaokoveld and Caprivi should only be undertaken in 4x4 convoy fashion. Vehicle hire in Namibia is reasonably expensive (outright vehicle purchase on a guaranteed buy-back basis in Cape Town or hire from South Africa can be more economical). If you have the time (less than 3 weeks on safari would be an injustice to Namibia and yourself!) and are prepared to do some detailed planning then an independent self-drive Namibian safari is a very attractive option.

Mobile Safaris
These guided cross county safaris offer an excellent means for accessing remote locations with experienced local guides over a reasonably short safari duration - don't count on less than 13 days as a bare minimum. We strongly recommend this option when considering the Kaokoveld as a component of a safari in Namibia. In general these safaris are conducted on fixed-date departures with less than 8 guests making up a group, if you're planning your safari as a couple then this is the best way to go. If you have your own group of between four and eight people, then request a tailor-made trip - you're unlikely to pay a premium and you have the advantage of being able to select options that may be more consistent with your interests.

"Wing Safaris"
Fly-in safaris are definitely the best means for covering Namibia's highlights if you're short on time (7 days minimum). These safaris tend to be more exclusive, generally with a maximum of 4 guests on the trip. Extensions and custom alterations to suit specific needs and interests can be arranged. Whilst the bird's eye view of a "wing safari" might not do justice to Namibia's "traditional" scenery the perspectives over the Skeleton Coast and desert are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Sossusvlei and Etosha stopovers are particularly recommended and include amongst the best lodges in the country.

Specialist Safaris
Namibia offers some exceptional options for seasoned African travellers as well as those who have a key interest in photographic pursuits (scenery, birdlife, wildlife), birdwatching, geology, very particular game and/or bird species, regional history or rock art. If the sense of timelessness is something that you've ever experienced then you have to consider Namibia for a comparison. You have the option of doing an independent self-drive safari or make contact and we'll assign a Namibian specialist to assist you with your safari plan - the mobile safaris are best customised for specialist excursions.

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