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Walking Safaris: A loose description for the most productive type of safari experience in Africa.  Walking safari areas - southern Africa
  • We explore the full range of safari options from wilderness trails to safaris on which you take up temporary base in seasonal bushcamps and permanent lodges. 
  • We review specific areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana;
  • offer a listing of recommended camps;
  • go through part of the planning process (when to go where, how to access the different areas, look at what to bring on safari),
  • and answer some frequently asked questions...
  • [more on walking safaris...]

Mobile safaris particularly in Botswana and Namibia are ideal for exploring the diversity of these large expanses. Anything less than 14 days on safari is inadequate - join a fixed departure group or make up your own with a few friends and set your own dates. [explore Botswana or Namibia]

Mobile trip, Kubu Island, Botswana (courtesy Catherine Raphaely - Uncharted Africa)Fly-in or "Wing safaris" using a light aircraft are ideal for a "bird's eye view" of the main attractions particularly in Namibia and Botswana over a short stay safari. [explore Botswana or Namibia]

Specialist Safaris are ideal if you're in pursuit of specific bird or game species or want to explore specific cultural, geological, archaeological or other aspects of some of the more remote areas.
We have a team of experienced consultants, operators and guides within our company and network.  [
speak to us about your particular interests]


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