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  • Up until the 1970's Zambia was considered to have had some of the highest game populations in Africa - this safari destination has been recovering steadily over the last few years with fresh government controls over hunting and poaching - almost 30% of the country is under game management
  • Zambia has a relatively undeveloped tourism infrastructure and a small but sophisticated safari industry with excellent lodges and seasonal bush camps and some of Africa's best safari guides - safaris in Zambia are ideally suited for "old Africa hands" or those seeking a remote and more exclusive safari
  • A vast grassy plateau dominates the country with the prime wildlife regions being concentrated around the Luangwa, Kafue and Zambezi water systems - whilst not sharing the game diversity of some of its neighbours, Zambia's wildlife concentrations are impressive - it's ideal for specialists seeking specific African game species or birdlife on a brilliant scale
  • Zambia is the home of the modern walking safari and without doubt offers some of Africa's best traditional walking safaris, particularly in the Luangwa Valley
  • Night drives are a speciality in Zambia and provide arguably the best means for seeing some of the more elusive nocturnal species, including leopard
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