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The Kafue National Park - Zambia

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Situated in the central-western region of Zambia, Kafue National Park, like the Luangwa is recovering steadily from the ravages of poaching - its diverse habitats have the capacity to carry game populations that may one day rival the more well known reserves of some of its neighbours.

Most of the park is dominated by miombo woodland and broad grassy "dambos" with a riverine forest fringing the Kafue as it runs southwards through the park and empties into Lake Itezhi-tezhi.

The primary wildlife interests are found in the Busanga floodplains and the Nanzhila Plains. Kafue is considered to be Africa's best reserve for antelope. The Defassa waterbuck and Red Lechwe are a speciality of the Kafue.

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The Busanga Plains

  • Miombo woodlands and the vast Busanga Plains dominate the northern sector of the Park. These floodplains are fed by the Lufupa River, which after bursting its banks and then receding creates rich grass lands that attract a huge diversity and high concentrations of antelope.
  • This sector is well known for its Sitatunga, Red Lechwe and Puku. Predators, particularly lion are frequently seen, Lafupa Camp is an excellent spot for finding leopard.

The Nanzhila Plains

  • The south of Kafue is characterised by miombo, Kalahari sandveld, tall mopane forests and the grasslands of the Nanzhila Plains. Lake Itezhi-tezhi is a 370 square kilometre lake in the east.
  • The southern sector is well known for its Roan, Sable, Oribi, Eland, Lichtenstein's hartebeest. Cheetah are often seen in the Nanzhila Plains. Elephants are most likely to be found around Ngoma and Chunga.
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