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Robin Pope Safaris Luangwa Valley Zambia

The Robin Pope Safaris name is becoming somewhat synonymous with the South Luangwa in the safari industry. As it is in the social circles that have had the pleasure of Robin and his wife Jo's excellent company and with those who have shared a part of their home in the Luangwa.

This is a rare creation in a fantastic wilderness where enthusiasm and warmth is reflected in every member of staff and in everything that they do.

Rich superlatives could do an injustice - we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Robin and Jo in the past and strongly recommend their camps to any prospective visitors with a genuine interest in an African safari - if you visit once, then you're sure to come back!

Robin Pope Safaris
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Robin Pope and the specialities
Robin is an "old school" safari guide having lived and worked in the Luangwa since 1975 and commenced his own safari operations with the re-opening of Nsefu in 1982. In 1989, Robin started his mobile walking safaris, a respectable upgrade on the walking trails that the late Norman Carr initiated in the 1960's. Robin and Jo Pope - Nsefu 99

Over the years, Robin has handpicked and trained a select team of knowledgeable and experienced safari guides to ensure the high guiding standards and personalisation at each camp. Robin himself is the Zambian member of the 8 independent professional safari guides who make up the Safari Guide Company.

The Robin Pope Safaris' specialities are:

  • Walking - unquestionably the best way to experience the African bush. Walks are led by an experienced naturalist and accompanied by an armed game scout.
  • Gameviewing drives - conducted in open, four-wheel drive vehicles by knowledgeable safari guides. Special game viewing seats provide excellent viewing and opportunities for photography.
  • Night drives - set out in the afternoon. Later, after watching the sun set over the river with a sundowner in hand, the drive continues with a powerful spotlight. The nocturnal world of the bush is witnessed from owls and genets to hunting lions and the graceful leopard.

More so than in most similar safari operations in Botswana or Zimbabwe, a day on one of Robin's safaris is "full" in the extreme with quite a bit more emphasis on game viewing than you're likely to get elsewhere...
If you wish to specifically have Robin guide your safari, please note that there may be a premium involved and this request must be made very clear with your enquiry. Robin leads a selection of the walking safaris on set dates each year- obtain details from Trish

The Safari options
We offer six specific safari options plus a cultural "experience" at Kawaza Village.

More so than with any other operations in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, we strongly recommend a "long-duration" stay when planning a safari with RPS - reservations should be made well in advance.

[From time to time we run specials in conjunction with other camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia which are not updated on our websites - contact us for details.]

The Nkwali, Tena Tena and Nsefu Camps in themselves offer a prime opportunity to experience the Luangwa on walks and drives and it's a very good idea to combine more than one camp during your safari as each area has its own unique attractions. Nsefu - early evening

The best way to fully explore the areas however is to visit the camps in conjunction with a walking safari. There are three options (these safaris should be planned well in advance - send us a mail now or go to our enquiry form):

  • A five day mobile walking safari that includes Nkwali and Tena Tena (minimum of 9 nights total)
  • A five day walking safari that includes Nkwali and Nsefu at start and end, with a combination of Luwi bushcamp and Camp 3 on the Mupamadzi Safari (minimum of 9 nights in total)
  • A three day walking safari that includes Nkwali and Nsefu at start and end over 7 nights - the Nsefu Walking Safari

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Robin Pope Safaris

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