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Safari seasons in Zambia

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Zambia, like Zimbabwe has three distinct seasons
  • A cool, dry winter period between May and August. Rivers and water sources tend to recede and game viewing improves steadily at this time, many of the roads in the remote areas are only passable during the dry spell.
  • A hot and dry period from August to mid-November. October and the early part of November prior to the onset of rains are horrendously hot in both the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys with temperatures regularly sitting in the mid-40's. Game tends to concentrate and if you can handle high temperatures, then this is the ideal time for game viewing.
  • A hot to warm wet season from mid-November through to the end of April. The onset of the rains makes the remote areas very difficult to explore and many seasonal camps are closed. A limited number of "green season" safaris are available.

Game viewing is best during the dry season from May through to October. The wet season is best for bird watching.

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