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Safari accommodations in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe has an enormous variety of safari-based accommodations ranging from world class hotels to permanent lodges to traditional tented camps to very basic campsites. The standard of safari lodges in Zimbabwe is exceptionally high and compares favourably with the best elsewhere in the region. Most lodges accommodate 16 and fewer guests with some of the small seasonal camps assuring a high degree of exclusivity with only 4 beds. With few exceptions, permanent lodges are located on boundaries of the National Parks or on private concessions - seasonal tented camps are found within the parks themselves.

Scroll down for a listing of preferred hotels, safari lodges and camps.

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places to stay
  • Matusadona Elephant Point Camp - luxury tented lodge in the Sibilobilo Lagoon west of Matusadona
  • Gache Gache - Landela's lodge on Lake Kariba - east of Matusadona
  • Graeme Lemon Safaris - a selection of highly personalised walking safaris
  • Kaingwe Safari Camp - Andy Webb's small and exclusive luxury tented camp on Spurwing Island
  • Spurwing Island Safari Lodge - one of the oldest safari camps on the Matusadona shoreline
  • Maronga Tented Camp - Steve Edwards' traditional tented camp on the Maronga River
  • Matusadona Water Lodge - a floating lodge, the best of Wilderness Safaris in the area
  • Musango Safari Camp - Steve Edwards' safari lodge on the Ume River
  • Under Canvas in Africa - Ivan Carter's seasonal bush camp
  • Sanyati Lodge - Matusadona's deluxe safari lodge on the eastern boundary
  • Sengwa Safaris - Craig Mac Rae's traditional tented camp in Sanyati West

Mana Pools and lower Zambezi River

  • Vundu Camp - Ivan Carter's permanent tented camp below Ruckomechi
  • Chikwenya - the newly renovated (April 99) Wilderness Safaris luxury tented camp on the downstream boundary of Mana Pools
  • Classic Africa Safaris Mana Tented Camp - Patrick Brakspear's new traditional tented camp
  • Mukuyu Canoe and Walking Trail - Patrick's "backed up" safari camp covering the full Mana shoreline
  • Ruckomechi - 4 times winner of Zimbabwe's "Best Safari Camp" award, one of the old "Legends of Africa" properties, now managed by Wilderness Safaris
  • Shearwater Canoe Safaris - Robin and Jo Brown's "full participation" canoe safaris from Kariba to Kanyemba


  • Chokamella - Landela's Hwange retreat
  • Elephant Sands - a combination of Jonathan and Lynn Taylor's lodge with Mike Fynn's exclusive tented camp
  • Giraffe Springs - one of the old "Legends of Africa's" luxury tented camps, now managed by Wilderness Safaris
  • Jijima Camp - Ron White's special home adjacent to the park
  • Makalolo Plains and Little Makalolo - another of the "Legends of Africa" luxury tented camps now managed by Wilderness Safaris
  • Malindi Station Lodge - "reliving the nostalgic delights of the age of steam"
  • The Hide - winner of Zimbabwe's coveted "Best Safari Camp" award

Victoria Falls

  • Elephant Camp - a rare privilege and opportunity to learn about elephants
  • Imbabala Camp - Gavin and Shay Best's concession on the boundary with Botswana, Zambia and Namibia
  • Masuwe Lodge - Landela's Classic Arabian tented lodge
  • Sekuti's Drift - Landela's "turn of the century" lodge
  • Victoria Falls Hotel - Zimbabwe's grand old lady, opened in 1905
  • Victoria Falls Safari Lodge - the flagship of 3 world-acclaimed properties on the Zambezi National Park boundary


  • Camp Amalinda - tucked away in an ancient bushman's shelter, also home to orphaned elephants
  • Big Cave Camp - located on a huge granite whaleback on the Matobo Hills National Park boundary

Mobile Safaris

  • Pioneer Trail - a 7-day safari following the old pioneer route from Jijima to Imbabala
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