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Zimbabwe's safari circuit
Zimbabwe's prime game viewing areas include Matusadona, Mana Pools and Hwange - Victoria Falls particularly for first time visitors is a must.
  • The ideal "circuit" safari commences from Harare (if possible, avoiding a stopover in the capital city), a short domestic flight to Kariba followed by a combination of Matusadona and Mana Pools from this convenient hub in the Zambezi Valley.
  • Matusadona is well known for its small "traditional tented" safari camps and a selection of safari lodges on the eastern and western boundaries - we recommend a minimum of 3 nights in Matusadona. Matusadona is generally excellent all year round.
  • The lower Zambezi River is famous for its canoe safaris - "full participation" canoe safaris are well suited for the more intrepid guests and are ideal for accessing Mana Pools. Mana itself is also ideal walking terrain. An excellent option in this area is to take advantage of both the canoeing and walking opportunities with a "backed up" canoe safari - essentially a deluxe safari traversing the full Mana shoreline and making use of a "rolling" tented camp over 4 days. Mana Pools is best visited in the dry season from May to October. Walking safaris are hampered by access problems in the rainy season - our canoe safaris enjoy a longer season with parts of the river being accessible year round. Mana Pools has two particularly good safari lodges.
  • Hwange, unless being visited on a self-drive basis is best tackled from one of the safari lodges assuring a fair degree of exclusivity and an exceptional wildlife experience.
  • Victoria Falls is usually the last stop on a Zimbabwean safari "circuit". The town offers a wide range of accommodation options ranging from basic campsites to luxury hotels and lodges. Unless guests are undertaking one of the white water rafting expeditions over several days - a two night stop over is generally sufficient time to explore the many local attractions.

For the "wild at heart" - cover Matusadona, Mana Pools and Victoria Falls.

  • Consider a game-intensive backpack trail with a Professional Guide in Matusadona - these walking safaris are a rare privilege and generally provide the most interactive bush experience available.
  • The "full participation" canoe safaris are exactly that - "participatory". The lower Zambezi is the place - the river is generally divided into 3 main sections, the full stretch takes 10 days to cover. Mana Pools is in the middle - big game is assured!
  • "Vic Falls" consolidates Africa's best pursuits for "adrenaline junkies" - one day white water rafting, bungee jumping, river-boarding, micro-lighting, parachuting are some of the attractions.

Combining Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia
Zimbabwe acts as the ideal pivot for safari combinations with Botswana and Zambia.

  • Hwange and Victoria Falls are logistically well connected with Chobe, Moremi and the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
  • Victoria Falls and Livingstone in Zambia are border-neighbours thus simplifying links with Kafue National Park.
  • Kariba is a convenient gateway to the Lower Zambezi National Park and allows a reasonably simple connection to Mfuwe and access to the Luangwa Valley in Zambia.

Specialist safaris
Zimbabwe is ideal for "species-specific" or "endangered-species" safaris, particularly for photographers wishing to add black rhino and lion or specific birds to their photographic collections. The superior guiding and quality/location of some of the smaller camps and lodges provide flexibility and excellent opportunities in order to satisfy the needs of specialists. We regularly tailor make exclusive safaris for which we provide a Professional Guide for the duration of the safari - these excursions tend to make use of the smaller and more remote camps. Timing is generally a critical variable with these safaris - they need to be planned well in advance.

Animal interactions
The traditional safari experience involves varying degrees of remote game viewing; from a vehicle, boat, canoe, or on foot - elephant back safaris and horse trails are available in Zimbabwe and offer a captivating alternative.

  • In the case of the elephants, the educational experience and interaction with these intelligent animals is emphasised - this is a never to be forgotten experience.
  • Southern Africa has a selection of horse trails available - there is one in the Mavuradohna wilderness of Zimbabwe that is particularly successful.

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