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Safari Par Excellence
Safari Par Excellence

Safari Par Excellence
Canoe Safaris on the Zambezi River

Safari Par Excellence

Upper Zambezi Canoeing
Thorntree Canoeing
The Great Zambezi Trail
Mukuyu Trail
The Island Trail
Kariba Gorge Trail


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Canoeing with Safpar

Canoeing with Safpar

Canoeing with Safpar

Safari Par Excellence offers a range of six different canoe safaris and trails on the upper and lower Zambezi. The upper Zambezi trips are based from the Victoria Falls/Livingstone area whilst the lower Zambezi trips are all based from Kariba.

Canoeing with Safpar

The options include:

  • Upper Zambezi Canoeing: Half to 3 day excursions are conducted on the 70km stretch of river above Victoria Falls - here the river is regarded as "free-flow" and subject to seasonal variation, small rapids are encountered. The short excursions are run year round, the 3 day trip is run between April and October only.

  • Thorntree Canoeing: This canoeing operation is based at Thorntree Lodge on the northern bank of the Zambezi river, 15km upstream from Victoria Falls on the upper Zambezi. Thorntree trips are run year round.

  • The Great Zambezi Trail: This Canoe Safari is a four day trip from the Kafue River to Mwambashi River Lodge on the northern bank on the lower Zambezi River. This area boasts an abundance of game and birdlife and magical scenery to boot. This safari is conducted from April to mid-November.

  • Mukuyu Canoe Trail: This is a four day "backed-up" Canoe Safari through Mana Pools - the World Heritage site on the lower Zambezi. The launch is from the Ruckomechi River and follows the Mana Pools shoreline down to Chikwenya. The safari is conducted during our dry season between May and October.

  • The Island Trail: This is a four day "participation" canoe safari on the Zambian side of the lower Zambezi from the Kafue to Chongwe Rivers. This trip operates all year round.

  • The Kariba Gorge Trail: This is a three day "participation" canoe safari between Kariba and Chirundu and runs all year round on either the Zimbabwean or Zambian sides of the lower Zambezi.

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