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Shearwater Canoeing Safaris is the largest canoe safari operation in Zimbabwe. It has the best marketing and the best backup on the lower Zambezi River. It operates in both Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Our company "The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co", is based in Kariba.  

Our objective is to offer "free independent travellers" a no fuss, no frills opportunity to experience the magic of our home town and its broader, game-rich, adrenalin-pumping environment - whether that includes Victoria Falls, Mana Pools and the more popular adventure destinations or some of the lesser known and remote spots.  

UK Head Office
Ermington Mill, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9NT
Tel: +44 1548 830059 Fax: +44 870 094 1881
Mobile: +44 7900 582746

African Head Office
The Heights, Kariba, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 61 3351  Fax: +263 61 2291
Cell: +263 91 343616 

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