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Brass Monkeys on safari

Shearwater Canoeing Safaris pioneered canoeing on the Zambezi between Kariba and Kanyemba (270km) in 1982.

Since this time these Canoe Safaris and the Zambezi have remained the same, untouched by the world's developments. The flat meandering river is prime water on which to take part in an adventurous expedition of a lifetime - unattainable elsewhere on the planet!

Robin Brown - the new Manager of Shearwater's Kariba canoeing operation

In July 1998, Robin Brown, a Professional River and Walking Guide took on the management of Shearwater Canoeing Safaris. Robin is a 26 year old Zimbabwean, born and schooled in Zimbabwe. He is well experienced in both the guiding and management arenas, having spent four years as a safari guide and three years in management within the Shearwater group. His focus is on maintaining the adventurous, expeditionary nature of the experience, whilst maximising safety and support and providing top guides, vehicles and equipment.

Robin Brown with Trish and Craig
Trish, Craig and Robin Brown at the "Legends" office, Kariba.

Contact Details
Legends Safari and Travel (PVT) Ltd.
Suite 3, The Heights Centre
PO Box 158, Kariba, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 61 2532
Mobile: +263 11 603388
Fax: +263 61 2291

Speak to:
Trish or Nikki
Craig, John or Chris

Zambezi canoeing

Zambezi sundown - courtesy Shearwater Canoe Adventures

Mana Pools canoeing - courtesy Graham Walker

Mana shoreline - courtesy Ruckomechi camp

Davidson on safari - courtesy Shearwater

African Jacana - courtesy Duncan Sugg

Sampling Zambezi - courtesy Graham Walker

The Shearwater Canoe Safari Options

All of Shearwater Canoeing Safaris' products are completely self-contained safaris. A qualified professional river guide conducts each trip and for those safaris with more than 4 pax, an assistant to the guide joins the safari. Maximum number - 9 pax, minimum number to confirm - 2 pax, minimum age - 15 years.

The following gives an outline of the various safaris.

Gorge Canoe Safari - Kariba to Chirundu

  • 3 days/2 nights
  • Departs -Tue/Sat/Sun (All Year)
  • A brief experience of the Lower Zambezi.
  • This trip passes through the serene Kariba Gorge and then onto the beginning of the great Zambezi floodplain.
  • Price: Low Season US$240 High Season US$300

Fisheagle Canoe Safari - Kariba to Mana Pools

  • 6 days/5 nights
  • Departs - Tue/Sat/Sun (All Year)
  • A good combination of the stillness of the Kariba Gorge and the wilderness of the Mana Pools shoreline and flood plain.
  • Price: Low Season US$460 High Season US$576

Zambezi Classic Long Canoe Safari - Kariba to Kanyemba

  • 10 days/9 nights
  • Departs - Tue/Sat/Sun (Mar - Nov)
  • This is the ultimate expedition for those yearning to escape to the wilds.
  • The trip includes a variety of terrain and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Price: Low Season US$650 High Season US$816

Tamarind Canoe Safari- Chirundu to Mana Pools

  • 4 days/3 nights
  • Departs - Mon/Tue/Thu (All Year)
  • Setting off from Chirundu, this trip travels immediately into the wildlife-renowned shorelines of the Urungwe Safari area and the world heritage site - Mana Pools.
  • Price: Low Season US$400 High Season US$504

Bee-Eater Canoe Safari - Chirundu to Ruckomechi Camp

  • 5 days/4 nights
  • Departs - Mon/Tue/Thu (Apr - Nov)
  • A short 2 days on the river enjoying the wilderness, is followed up by a pampering at the 5 star bush camp - Ruckomechi.
  • Price: US$895

Zambezi Classic Short Canoe Safari - Chirundu to Kanyemba

  • 8 days/7 nights
  • Departs - Mon/Tue/Thu (Apr - Nov)
  • Combine the wild experience of the Zambezi flood plain with the secluded Mupata Gorge and you have a wildlife adventure deep into rarely chartered territory.
  • Price: Low Season US$560 High Season US$708

Mopane Safari Canoe Safari - Mana Pools to Chewore

  • 4 days/3 nights
  • Departs - Thu/Fri/Sun (Apr - Nov)
  • This trip focuses on the Mana Pools shoreline, a pristine area of wildlife of all types. The trip takes out at Chewore - "the home of the Elephant".
  • Price: Low Season US$400 High Season US$504

Mupata Safari Canoe Safari - Mana Pools to Kanyemba

  • 6 days/5 nights
  • Departs - Wed/Thu/Sat (Apr - Nov)
  • An adventure into the quietest waters of the Zambezi River. The wildlife is good and the scenery amazing.
  • Price: Low Season US$520 High Season US$660
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