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Zurich, Monday 8 February:

Craig's carved walking stick attracts serious attention from Airport security, 5 passes through the X-ray machine and close physical scrutiny proved that there's no hidden contraband. Craig statement that it's a "Batonga chief's talisman" merely led to further confusion - his strange mumbling accent did nothing to improve the official's confidence.

Craig - Zurich, holding Batonga walking stick

Craig with the Batonga walking stick which attracted the wrong type of interest from airport security in Zurich

Our confusion was compounded when we were told that we were booked on the previous day's flight to Cincinnati?! With heavy snowfalls in Zurich and some technical problem on the aircraft we're delayed by 4 hours. Very special thanks to Chris Sterkoudis of Delta who quietly fixed our onward connections to Madison, arriving at the Sheraton-Madison around midnight - exhausted from 30 hours of sleep-deprived travel.

Delta Air

Madison, Tuesday 9 February:

What a fantastic place!! Considered by Money magazine in 1996 to be the "most livable city" in the United States. At 53F (12C) the temperature shock isn't too great - this is the coldest we get at home in winter.

Craig - Lake Monona

Craig on the Lake Monona shoreline - holding a pile of slides (we found no buyers, this is going to be a lean trip)

With some swift and friendly help from Nate York of ExecPC and Joe Rollinson of Simplenet our little satellite office is up and running from the US. Trish proceeds to bombard us with updates and mail from Kariba.


John inspecting elephant spoor in parkland snow surrounding Lake Monona (the Brass Monkey's feel a bit more at home)

Andy Kammer of Wisconsin Travel Promotions, Inc. runs through our programme - he's sorted out the TV slot and runs through a series of additional options for us over the next few days.

John's still operating on Eastern Standard Time - we take a break for a spot of pool an hour earlier than we expected shops to close. Craig wins 3-2 as our bodies insist that this should be early hours of the morning. A good meal and some laughs at The Great Dane Brewing Co. ends a good first day of preparation.

End of a long day with Andy Kammer at the Great Dane Brewing Co. (at this point Craig had actually been asleep for over two hours)

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