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Blondies Sports Bar NYC

Play time in New York

New York by day

Early morning sunshine up Lexington avenue...good weather at last?

Mayfield gang

End of a fine supper at La Primavera with Fred and Barbara, Michelle and James - thanks for the visit guys, we look forward to reciprocating

Times Square

Times Square (wish you were here Trish!)

Times Square

Barbara - a rose amongst the thorns!

Brass Monkeys in New York

The Brass Monkeys on safari in Times Square

The Greatest Bar in the World

Joan and Susan treat us at Window of the World - punted as the "Greatest Bar in the World"

4 fine African gentlemen

We meet two fine gentlemen at Window of the World, Ransford Monday and Kwasi Mensah - thanks for the chat guys!

Lucky Chengs

The evening with Joan and Susan deteriorated rapidly - our conservative horizons got expanded at Lucky Chengs - the champagne was good!

Evening end

Evening ends at BOP - the waitress here was actually real - we tested! Joan and Susan...see you next year!

Dinner at Sean Upton's

Sean treated us at his place - time enough to discuss more safari plans and enjoy a great meal and warm hospitality

Biltong at last

...and for desert...biltong in New York!

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