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Blondies Sports Bar NYC

Fun and games with Sean Upton's gang

Sean Upton and Craig

Craig and Sean giving the group an update of the April trip.

Sean and Craig

Amazing what good South African vino does to people's eyes......

Elephant dung cookies

Look guys, real elephant poop....some New York lasses getting into the safari thang...

Sean Upton's gang

Sean's Africa 99 Group
Standing L-R: Doreen Davidow, Peter Hoffman, Annie Carrel, Mary Chris Stephen, Kate Cronin, Jeannine Kiely, Craig, Jessica Laxman, Renee Rosen, Sean, Steve Lorenz and wife to be, Melinda
Front L-R: Jean Forrestal, John, Joe Logan, Steven Ravosa

Renee and John

Bush Man meet City Girl

Joe, Sean and Craig

Melinda, Craig, Julie, Sean and Joe - the Boys and the Beautiful

crowd action

Crowd action - some of the more than 50 V.VIP's that attended the Blondies Wine Tasting and Safari Show

Craig and Mark Lubell

Craig explaining the finer details of African politics to NYC local Mark Lubell

Joe and John

Joe and John decided to do some serious spadework in getting the raven, blonde and auburn to come on safari...they failed dismally...

Sean and John

Africa United in NYC - McGyver Upton and Pyromaniac Berry

Sean and Renee

Sean with co-organizer of the Blondies event, Renee Rosen

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