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The 1999 International Adventure Travel and Outdoor Show...part 3 of 3

Craig doing his thing

Craig flying the colours on Sunday which seemed to get busier and busier as the day progressed - just when we thought it was about time to pack up we were inundated by another wave of locals interested in Zimbabwe

Llama Buddies Expeditions

The black Llama returns to pester us...despite repeated reassurances by his handler that he'd neither bite nor kick we remained unconvinced

IATOS crowd

Crowds around the Amazonian Expeditions stand

Crowd action near Wilderness Travel

Crowds around the Wilderness Travel stand

...more crowd action...

Crowds finding out about Chile

crowd action

More crowd action

crowd action

...and more...

Zimbabwe stand action

John going strong at the Zambezi stand

End of IATOS 99

Shaun and the girls from Iceland join us just before the stands go down - all grateful that it's now the end of a very busy show....

Who owns this car?  Who knows these people?

A last minute bit of monkeying about for the Brass Monkeys before Andy Kammer goes on his way back to Madison

The winner of our Chicago online contest: Andrea Galen of Boston, MA

Andrea Galen, winner of the Chicago online contest

Well done Andrea, your safari includes a 3-night lower Zambezi Canoe Safari, a 3-night stay at the luxurious Sanyati Lodge (Matusadona) and a 3-night stay at Malindi Station Lodge (Hwange) for two! See you in Zimbabwe.

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