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Sears Tower

Frank Lloyd Wright's studio entrance

Navy Pier, Chicago

Adler Planetarium - Chicago


Play time in Chicago

Sear's Tower

A view from Sears Tower down on the centre of downtown Chicago - 112 floors up on the tallest building in the western hemisphere left us pretty stunned - the tallest building in Kariba is four floors high...

View up to the facade on the Chicago Public Library

Chicago Public Library

After spending an hour or so at the Chicago Stock Exchange - Craig got himself tied up here at the Chicago Public Library which surely contains more books than all of those in both public and private collections in the whole of Zimbabwe...

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio - Oak Park, Chicago

All Wright Site

Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Oak Park, Chicago.

Frank Lloyd Wright FoundationFront entrance to the Frank Lloyd Wright studio

The semi concealed entrance to Frank Lloyd Wright's studio - a small and simple feat of pure genius. A maverick in his day, clearly still not fully appreciated by modern architects.

Museum of Science and IndustryMuseum of Science and Industry

Craig freezing in the fresh snowfall at the Museum of Science and Industry - we simply didn't have enough time to explore...

South Michigan drive

John waiting patiently for a bus on South Michigan.

View up Michigan Ave, Chicago

A view up North Michigan late afternoon...with snow falling steadily...and visibility decreasing...

Goose Island Brewing Co. Mary Jo and John

John and Mary Jo after a fine evening on the town which included a sampling of fine beers at Goose Island Brewing Company...Mary Jo and Vincent - see you in Zimbabwe soon...

Rosemont, Chicago

Craig taking great delight in the snow again - if he was still ten he'd have built himself a dozen snowmen...

Leaving Chicago

A final shot from the air over Chicago en route to New York - next year guys...


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