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sobek canoeing adventures zambezi river

Sobek Canoe Adventures offer a "backed up" canoe safari on the Zambian shoreline which includes the usual gameviewing and wildlife options past Mana Pools but also takes advantage of some of the cultural aspects of village life not available on the Zimbabwean shoreline.

This canoe safari entails 5 days on the lower Zambezi River operating between Chirundu and the Chongwe River - this is the popular stretch along the Mana Pools shoreline.

On the 4th day, we have a traditional lunch with the local headman in Mushonganhende Village and then pay a visit to Gurameno School - this is one of the few opportunities available to observe traditional village life in rural Zambia.

Sobek Canoe Safaris...an overview

The Zambezi RiverThis canoe safari is limited to a maximum of 9 guests and can depart on any day of the week subject to availability - it's ideal for small groups requiring a flexible safari plan.

The safari starts and ends in Kariba, we recommend an overnight at one of the local hotels before commencement and unless combined with another safari in Matusadona, recommend an overnight on completion as well.

Combination trips make best use of safari time - we have a range of options available. [Please speak to Trish, Nikki or Rosa]


Summary of safari itinerary

Day one starts with a transfer through the Kariba borderpost into Zambia and a canoe launch at Chirundu. After canoeing beyond Kanyemba Island, the first night is spent at Crocodile Camp - a permanent tented base.Sitenje at Sobek's Crocodile Camp, Zambia

The second day is a full canoeing stretch down to Samango Camp - this location is unique in that it is one of two locations in Southern Africa where you are likely to see Samango monkeys.

The third day is a canoe stretch down to the Chongwe River followed either by a walk or drive up to the scenic Chongwe Falls area. The evening is spent back at Samango Camp after a game drive from Chongwe.

Lower Zambezi Canoeing with Sobek Canoe AdventuresThe fourth day is a drive back to Crocodile Camp. En route, lunch is hosted by the local headman at Mushonganhende and we pay a visit to Gurameno School. This is a rare opportunity to experience rural African village life in a totally unspoilt and uncontrived fashion. Certain rules are applied to the visit including no gratuity payments to the villagers or photographs.

The final morning on day five is a relaxed start and drive back to Kariba. Contact us for more details or review a more detailed itinerary.

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