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The Zambezi Story….so far

In 1995, before the web transformed our lives, a safari camp owner (Craig), a Professional Guide (Chris), an Interior Architect (Trish), a Mechanical Engineer (John) hooked up on the remote shores of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Driven by the pleasure of wild spaces, lifestyle, wildlife and wilderness they set out to see what could be done with this new medium called “email“. To connect the remote Zambezi valley with intrepid souls in other far flung places; to have fun and do good business in the process.

So, Zambezi Safari and Travel Company was founded. We had a long name because we thought that keywords might make a difference. Keywords don’t – people do.

However, in those pre-millennium days, the internet helped us deliver absolutely unrivalled customer service. Also honest unbeatable pricing on first class safaris.

We boomed in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia in the 90’s. The Zambezi team built strength and depth. Then an overly generous dollop of political chaos in Zimbabwe saw a swift change in climate and lifestyle for the headoffice team in early 2000. The UK HQ was set up in the rolling hills below Dartmoor National Park at very short notice. For a few years the rest of the Zambezi gang sweated things out from satellite offices in Victoria Falls and in Kariba in the lower Zambezi valley.

With a resolute and enthusiastic team on hand, plus strong alliances with mostly owner-run operations in the best places Zambezi spread wings in the early 2000’s. East, southern and Central Africa hold almost endless promise for explorers, adventure seekers and safari enthusiasts. So over the years we’ve been joined by a solid core of inspired guests and friends on the Zambezi. Then well beyond our original home turf ….about as far from the mainstream as you can get…. to some of the most exciting and rewarding travel fringes within Africa.

So here we are in 2018….

Our core team includes a dozen seasoned and well established “can-do” safari professionals in 3 main offices.

  • Our HQ is found at Delamore Park within Dartmoor National Park, Devon, United Kingdom.
  • Permanent offices are also located in Kariba (lower Zambezi) and Victoria Falls (upper Zambezi).
  • Satellite offices are run from various locations in the UK, USA or other spots in Africa as our annual safari seasons progress.

Wherever we are, the setting is smart and professional, but open, convivial and relaxed. We don’t have many walk-in visitors so there’re often as many dogs, cats, birds and other critters as there are people at work.

The organogram is very flat too. Clients come first. We offer unrivalled customer service with honest unbeatable pricing. We deliver smooth travels. Safaris better than promised – 99% of the time.

Simplicity is key. We’re 100% specialist safari operators. We’re not marketeers, or a media company or high street travel agents. So we don’t have much time for “bespoke experiential travel”. The language we speak is plain. More fact and well-founded opinion, less fluff and superlatives. We run African safaris. Simply. Consistently well.

We completely understand the few really key things about planning exceptional trips. About having clients do the right things in the right places at the right time. About turning these clients into trusted friends and ambassadors for the company, our team and our partners.

There’s a very strong circle of supporters, who over the last 22 years attest us getting things just right. Mostly old friends in North America, UK/Europe, Australia/New Zealand, mid and far East, Asia, within Africa too.

We’re looking for the best people to work with us…

Over the years mainstream travel in Africa has become more efficient, safe, cost-effective. Increasingly crowded too. But that’s not where we ever thought we’d find ourselves.

So very fortunately. The “real safari” sector is well suited to small, seasoned and very nimble players. It’s where we’re able to exercise special interests in the remoter spots in Africa. Where crowds are thin, challenges are usually greater and the rewards richer. Where close, well founded personal relationships are strong. We tend to focus on wilderness and wildlife. Wherever and whatever, always in the company of top notch guides where people make the real difference.

With lots of change through the years, we’ve held on to just a few constants. Clients have always come first. Unrivalled service differentiates us. We offer it at a fair and honest price. Long term relationships matter.

So we’re looking for fresh and energetic individuals. With a healthy obsession for delivering top notch customer service whilst maintaining proper commercial sense in getting clients on safari. Safaris that have them coming back to Africa.

So if you think that you have a special set of skills to also make a difference then drop us a note in confidence via workwithus@zambezi.com. There might be a good place for you in sales, product, admin or marketing.

We’re recruiting right now

We’re looking for Senior African Safari Sales Specialists to operate independently from satellite offices in the UK, North America or Africa.

For the right personalities it’s a unique opportunity to join a seasoned team of “can do” safari professionals. A place to break away from the herd. To put your proven sales experience and safari knowledge to the test. To reap proper rewards for first class results.

Our company is in a unique position. For 2 decades we’ve run Zambezi like the family business it’s been. Now’s the time to let a new generation build on a foundation and take on future delicate balances – safaris on the fringes; solid business; wildlife; wild places; local communities; sustainability.

Do you tick all of these boxes?

  • You have a proven track record in selling custom safaris directly to high net worth clients.
  • You have broad knowledge of East, Southern and Central Africa. A good sense for all of the mainstream product. (We’re especially interested in your in-depth knowledge of the more remote safari fringes.) You’ll already be familiar with some of our preferred partners in different parts of Africa – the more the better.
  • You also have exemplary communication skills.
  • You’ll have 10 years plus experience in the safari industry. You might or might not reside in Africa right now.
  • You’re fully conversant with CRM and itinerary building systems.
  • You possess the disciplines and motivation to work independently from a satellite office.

What does the role include?

  • Planning, costing and selling custom safaris – mostly to direct, seasoned and first time clients. (Not trade clients.)
  • Serving as the primary point of contact through all stages from post-enquiry, consulting, sales, travel to post-travel review.
  • Delivering unrivalled customer service whilst maintaining proper commercial sense through the process.
  • The effective use of a full suite of sales tools including spreadsheets, CRM and itinerary building software.
  • Collaborating closely with suppliers and admin/finance/management colleagues based in Africa and the UK to effect sales and deliver smooth travels.
  • Developing product with African suppliers, destination specialists and colleagues.
  • Support for marketing including attendance at exhibitions and travel shows in the UK and USA.

What’s on offer?

  • Freedom to be a digital nomad, wherever you want. Your office, your connectivity – we’ll provide tech support plus hardware/software infrastructure.
  • A comprehensive induction programme in the UK and Africa.
  • Sales tools including CRM and itinerary software conversion.
  • A competitive uncapped performance package.
  • The usual trimmings – leave, pension, annual educational and recce trips etc.

Next steps

If you tick all of the boxes and want to give serious consideration to what it might be like to work with us then connect with John Berry via LinkedIn and let’s have a confidential discussion.

Successful short-list candidates will be invited to an initial interview over Skype. A panel interview follows. Positions are immediately available. The induction cycle will take 6 weeks during which 2 weeks will be required in the UK, a further 2 weeks in Africa.

We’ll toast your first successes within months – despite Trumps, Brexits, Ebolas, the next Bob or quite frankly, whatever. 

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