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Kenya Honeymoon

Kenya – September
Kenya was wonderful so a huge thank you from both of us for organising such a fantastic trip and also arranging for our bottle of bubbly at Offbeat Mara, was such a lovely gesture and we certainly enjoyed it on our first sundowners!

The whole trip was amazing, I think Offbeat was our favourite, the camp was perfect so luxurious and they literally thought of everything – I loved the hot water bottle although I did frighten myself half to death the first night I got into bed as it was the last thing we were expecting in Africa!

The people that looked after the camp were brilliant and we were fortunate to have two fantastic English speaking masi guys from who we learnt a huge amount – they seemed to ask us plenty of questions about the ‘western way’ so we certainly felt it worked both ways which was exactly what we were looking for – and they also didn’t mind us mucking in, which again made me feel a lot more comfortable. We felt very fortunate to have exclusive private guiding throughout the whole trip, this was wonderful for us but I appreciate that this was due to lack of tourism which seems such a shame, the media really does not help in these situations – the whole area seemed empty with vast amounts of game due to the freak weather bring they out – such a shame.

Sosian was certainly a completely different experience – again the place was practically empty which meant we had the beautiful Italian villa – it certainly made it difficult to leave for camping – but glad we experienced it – we managed two nights under the stars in the most amazing open air set up I have ever seen – very comfortable and so unique, the outdoor showers were amazing. We cut short the last night due to tummy bugs but it wasn’t a hardship as we had a huge four poster and 15 acre bathroom awaiting us at the ranch!!

The camping was fantastic, walking quite taxing due to the heat but well worth it, a completely different experience to Masi as you were obviously having to hunt down the game which made it all the more exciting when you did see it – we also had some particularly interesting experiences with an Elephant herd when we were snoozing at lunch and also again when in a truck, quite interesting to see how differently they behave when they are not used to humans like the masi Mara! Thankfully we all survived but with great stories to tell, the herd obviously get bigger every time we tell it – I think I am up to running away from at least 75 ellies now grown from 25!!

The knowledge the guides have was fantastic we were lucky in both places that they specialised in Birds as this was a particular interest for us and I had great fun with a checklist provided by Sosian.

Actually Offbeat did ask if there was any suggestions we had to offer, we couldn’t think of anything when we left as everything was so perfect, but a checklist booklet with all the species to be found might be a good idea, I certainly found it really fun ticking it all off, it became quite a game.

Lamu was beautiful, definitely good for recharging our batteries but was glad we only stayed a few days as could go stir crazy – but that is just us, useless at sitting still!! The owners were really good fun and again the staff out of this world.

In terms of food, 14 out of 10 I didn’t quite expect such amazing cuisine I looked forward to every meal – thankfully the tummy bug I picked up has shed any excess weight I put on as I was convinced I would be at least 7 pounds heavier as who eats a huge breakfast followed by 2 course lunch and 4 course dinner every day!! I felt like the queen – strictly back to muesli twice a day and boring old pasta!!!

I am sorry I am not much of a travel writer so my rendition is not very good, but I would be happy to chat on the phone if you would like anything further, there is so many memories I only wish I was good at putting them on paper!

Once again thank you for the trip of a lifetime – worth every penny and the balloon ride was brilliant he loved it – (Incidentally I got a Nintendo DS!!!)

Take Care

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