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Zambezi Safari Testimonials

Zambezi Safari Guest Comments

Like most good safari companies we have a long list of guests comments stretching back to the early 1990's when we first started to collect them. We've mounted only the comments from the past three years to the site but the list is still incredibly long to plough through.

Quite a number of our past guests are happy to be contacted by email or phone to chat about their experiences in Africa. If you're new to us and would like to chat to our past guests, drop us a line and we'll put you in contact with those who've given their permission.

We love your feedback especially the stories and photographs so please keep sending them through!

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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge - April 2011 - by Jeff Gay


Hey there Mark.

I had an outstanding trip.  I was very impressed by all elements of the vacation that you put together, the hotel, the activities and all the staff members in between.  

I will be sure to keep your information handy to pass on to others who might be traveling to the region.



Victoria Falls Safari Lodge special - by Ramya.K

Hi Liz,

We had a great time. My parents are back home and I will be in south Africa till next month. 

We enjoyed everything and we have recommended to our family and friends. The guide Musa who took us to the Victoria Falls was excellent. 

Everything was on time and organized. 

Hospitality amongst the boat ride was golden! 


I look forward to booking with you again! 



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