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Zambezi Safari Testimonials

Zambezi Safari Guest Comments

Like most good safari companies we have a long list of guests comments stretching back to the early 1990's when we first started to collect them. We've mounted only the comments from the past three years to the site but the list is still incredibly long to plough through.

Quite a number of our past guests are happy to be contacted by email or phone to chat about their experiences in Africa. If you're new to us and would like to chat to our past guests, drop us a line and we'll put you in contact with those who've given their permission.

We love your feedback especially the stories and photographs so please keep sending them through!

Recommended Tours

Total Solar Eclipse 2001 - by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson

Some of the more exotic projects Trish has been involved in, include large scale arrangements for amateur astronomists to visit the lower Zambezi river in 2001 to see the total solar eclipse. Taking place just a year after the political crisis in Zimbabwe began in earnst, this was a tricky challenge!

"From Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 June 21 by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson, NASA"


Amazing time on Tamarind Canoe Safari, July 2011 - by Tina Fountain

Hi Delene

We had an amazing time. everything was really well organised and I have to say the trip is probably one of the best organised that I have ever done and I have done lots of trips all over the world. The guides were fantastic extremely knowledgeable and made the trip all the more enjoyable. I was very impressed by the food which was balanced and tasty despite being in the bush the whole trip. I would highly recomend the Tamarind canoe safaris.


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