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Zambezi Safari Testimonials

Zambezi Safari Guest Comments

Like most good safari companies we have a long list of guests comments stretching back to the early 1990's when we first started to collect them. We've mounted only the comments from the past three years to the site but the list is still incredibly long to plough through.

Quite a number of our past guests are happy to be contacted by email or phone to chat about their experiences in Africa. If you're new to us and would like to chat to our past guests, drop us a line and we'll put you in contact with those who've given their permission.

We love your feedback especially the stories and photographs so please keep sending them through!

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Kenya Safari September 2010 - by Tony Smith



I promised to send you a report of our very satisfactory Kenya safari. I thought that I would just write a few words about each camp and Kiwayu but as I started writing, it started to turn into more of a dairy of each day. As we have had a number of people ask us about what we did and what we saw, I then started to think about adding photos to show what we had seen and, at the moment, I have just finished the first draft. This of course is not what you wanting so I have rather got behind in giving you my feed back.


The whole trip was perfect with variety between the camps and activities, and everything running like clockwork. Alex and Dianna at Ol Pejeta, Steve and Annabelle at Sosian, Jonathon and DuDu (Deborah) at Rekero, and George at Kiwayu, were perfect. Wonderful people who looked after us fantastically.


I will be in touch later and, once again, thank you and all of your team for a wonderful adventure.



Tanzania migration safari, September 2011 - by John Sanders

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your work in putting our safari in Tanzania together.


We saw very large crossings of the Mara by the wildebeest for 3 straight days, after Ken, our guide, said that his previous guests had waited for 3 days for the big herd to cross and they never did.

Then we spent an hour in Loliondo surrounded by a pride of 14 lions so close I felt I could reach out and touch them.

Importantly, everyone we came in contact with at the camps were so eager to please us and enjoyable to be with. And our guides, Jacob and Ken, were outstanding. We parted like old friends.

Now all we have our the memories ... and over 3,000 pictures. I've attached 4 of my favorites.

Thanks again.
John & Aileen Sanders

Botswana and Zambia safari - by Annette Williams

We did indeed have a most amazing adventure and unique experience. We feel so privileged to have had this opportunity of seeing and living in, albeit for a short period of time, what must be one of Africa's greatest wildernesses Botswana! As I spend time now reflecting on what we have experienced, I find it so difficult put into words how I feel and and tell others about our safari. As you know, photographs, although wonderful to have, can only show limited images. They cannot show the beauty of the stars in the African night sky, the simple joy of chatting around the campfire after watching the most spectacular sunsets, or the wonderful sounds of the bush, from the rumbling of elephant and roaring of lion close by to the beautiful sound of a scops owl perched in a nearby tree. It is also difficult to express the excitement of knowing that lions had passed through the camp during the night and seeing their tracks close to your tent!

I am sure that this will not be our last trip to Africa. As someone said to me - it gets under your skin! Indeed leaving Botswana, in particular, was very emotiional for me. 


Muchenje Lodge in Botswana - by Regan and Chucky Cantlay

Dear Liz,

Apologies for the delay in our response but we have only just returned from South Africa.

I really can't express how happy we were with our experiences with you and Char personally, Zambezi Safari and Travel and Muchenje Lodge. Thank you so much for your prompt replies, and fantastic organisation of our trip. Everything went absolutely to plan, and the lodge was even better than hoped for - we were lucky enough to see wild dog, leopard, lion, kudu, roan, giraffe, hippo, buffalo and of course the highlight, absolutely hundreds of elephants up close and personal. My family and friends who travelled out to visit us from Australia and the UK had the most amazing time - it was their first trip to Africa and they all left promising to return - in fact not even wanting to leave! My husband and I have been on safari before, as we live in Zambia, but we were even amazed at how many animals we were able to see, the amazing service from all the staff members and wonderful atmosphere at Muchenje, and how well all of you at Zambezi Safari and Travel coordinated our trip. We will definitely keep in touch and will be using your company for any future safaris!

Liz, thanks again for all your hard work and please let me know if I can give you any more references or information on Muchenje for your website or newsletter.


Regan and Chucky

Unforgettable days in Zimbabwe and Botswana February 2011 - by Tibor

Dear Jackie,

We all spent really unforgettable days in Zimbabwe and Botswana thanks to your organization and arrangement. This was my first trip to this area of Africa and I was positively astonished by both the abundances of programs and sights, as well as the level of accommodations and transfers. 

Many thanks to you, and I will return, for sure (and I will contact you in a due course)



Zimbabwe and Botswana February 2011 - by Robert Kovacs

Hi Jackie,

You are absolutely right, the boys are back in town…

In general the trip was fantastic for all of us, and especially for the most of the group because it was their first trip to Africa.

I have been to Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa several times in the previous years, therefore it was also interesting for me to compare Zimbabwe and Botswana to the countries mentioned earlier from several point of views.

Best regards,


South Luangwa safari, Zambia, July 2008 - by Rebecca Anderson


Good morning Julian. I want to thank you for the awesome safari experience you put together for Vanessa and me. The whole experience far exceeded our expectations and have been spreading the word to everyone who asks about our trip. It was a shame we never met - but came so close! Thank you again Julian, hope we do business again, please put me in your contacts list to follow up occasionally, right now I don't plan a trip but in the near future you never know!

They were all so charming and the staff unbelievably good at providing a 'pampered' experience. Loved it.


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