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Zambezi Safari Testimonials

Zambezi Safari Guest Comments

Like most good safari companies we have a long list of guests comments stretching back to the early 1990's when we first started to collect them. We've mounted only the comments from the past three years to the site but the list is still incredibly long to plough through.

Quite a number of our past guests are happy to be contacted by email or phone to chat about their experiences in Africa. If you're new to us and would like to chat to our past guests, drop us a line and we'll put you in contact with those who've given their permission.

We love your feedback especially the stories and photographs so please keep sending them through!

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Gabon privately guided safari - by Mike and Sue Worthington

We got back a couple of days ago after a brilliant time in Paris, Venice, Tuscany and London - great weather wherever we went and far too much good food and wine. It was all such a contrast to Gabon, but I can assure you, we are already boring the living daylights out of everyone about our amazing holiday!

Zambia Safari - by Jeff and Judy Powell

After returning from Africa and our daughter's wedding I finally have time to tell you about our trip. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful plans made for us at the camps. We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty, accomodations, food, and staff at the camps. It was more luxurious than expected for sure.

All in all we would recommend your company very highly. Thanks for all your helpfulness in planning our trip. We are hooked on Africa and plan to return someday.

Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safari - by Marianne Sedgewick

Well as you know we are back in the UK now which is very depressing as we had an absolultely fantastic holiday - I think it was actually one of my best trips I've ever had to Africa!!!! Both myself and Bruce want to say thank you so much for arranging such an amazing trip for us - it was absolutely perfect.

was absolutely stunning and it was very strange to see such a green African country as we are used to going to places like Namibia/Botswana which are obviously very dry. Our driver George was fantastic - both in terms of driving skills and general knowledge about everywhere we visited and Uganda in general and he definitely made our holiday into the fantastic trip it was.

Rwanda was a big highlight for me as it has been one of my lifelong dreams to go and see the mountain gorillas. I couldn't believe how close we got to them and also how peaceful and gentle they were. The big silverback was only about 4 metres from us and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. We were also really lucky to see a 5 day old baby (that the guides didn't tell us about in advance as they didn't think we'd see it!!). The mother just sat beside the path holding the baby and it was almost as if she was showing it off to us all as we walked past!!!

After a sad farewell to George in Uganda we were met by our driver in Tanzania - another George!!! Again he was absolutely fantastic and we had real good fun with him and the other guest on our safari Lizette. We absolutely loved the authentic camping trip that we did and the other 3 guys who went ahead and set up camp and cooked for us (Du Du, Hamza and Mushi) were brilliant. After seeing so many programmes on TV about Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti it was absolutely incredible to be there.

We were really sad to say goodbye to George as he made our trip absolutely fabulous - he had a great sense of humour and we laughed our way round Tanzania.

A HUGE thanks again for arranging such a fantastic trip for us - all the places we stayed were amazing and all the people we met were really friendly and eager to help us out.

Zimbabwe safari - by Dave Doig

Thought I'd send you a few lines to let you know about our trip to Zimbabwe. The whole show was very well organised and all transfers etc ran like clockwork. When Mike contacted you initially he told you that we were allergic to too many people and we'd prefer to be on our own as much as possible and that was exactly what we got, perfect.

South Luangwa NP and Vic Falls safari, Zambia - by Sabine Etmanski

I just wanted to 'report' back from my trip to Zambia in early June and let you know how wonderful everything was - in the true sense of the word. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were impressed with how well everything was organised - a fantastic experience! I can certainly recommend your organisation and your expertise. The bushcamps I found very impressive indeed - I didn't expect such luxury and such good food and the game drives and the walks were thoroughly enjoyable and the 'experience' of Dean MacGregor was a bonus...! We thought that Ollie and Dean were a good team at Kapamba. We certainly saw a lot of animals including a lion kill (which I cried all the way through, sentimental old me), the camps were small so there weren't too many people and not too many trucks either - ideal! We also enjoyed Livingstone and went on a river cruise on the mighty Zambezi and went to the Victoria Falls - out of this world!

Zimbabwe safari - by Mike Doig

I couldn't possibly fault the trip in anyway Chris, straight from the word go everything was organised, flights and transfers were my biggest worry but everything just fell into place. Terry and Shona are wonderful people and great hosts. Terry's knowledge of the bush made it all the more enjoyable, anything we asked he was able to answer and the tracking with him was great. The Somalisa camp was an amazing experience, one I won't forget.

The outside camping with was a totally different experience, the walking part was most enjoyable and we didn't go with the attitude that we wanted to see everything. We just walked and saw what we saw, the animals in there natural state unaware we were even there sometimes was awe inspiring.

Next with Steve Edwards, again I can't fault it. A great guy with a good personality and was so much fun to be around. The canoeing and the white water rafting totally brilliant, I could go into so much more information on all our experiences but I'd be writing for ages, especially since I can only type with 2 fingers I'd be here all night. Lol.

It's the best holiday I've had in a very long time and won't be forgotten. Thanks for all the help and organising this amazing trip for us.

P.S Any chance you could move Zimbabwe a bit closer to the UK, long trip but well worth it. Thanks again.

Botswana and Zambia safari - by Annette Williams

We did indeed have a most amazing adventure and unique experience. We feel so privileged to have had this opportunity of seeing and living in, albeit for a short period of time, what must be one of Africa's greatest wildernesses Botswana! As I spend time now reflecting on what we have experienced, I find it so difficult put into words how I feel and and tell others about our safari. As you know, photographs, although wonderful to have, can only show limited images. They cannot show the beauty of the stars in the African night sky, the simple joy of chatting around the campfire after watching the most spectacular sunsets, or the wonderful sounds of the bush, from the rumbling of elephant and roaring of lion close by to the beautiful sound of a scops owl perched in a nearby tree. It is also difficult to express the excitement of knowing that lions had passed through the camp during the night and seeing their tracks close to your tent!

I am sure that this will not be our last trip to Africa. As someone said to me - it gets under your skin! Indeed leaving Botswana, in particular, was very emotiional for me. 


Victoria Falls and Hwange safari, Zimbabwe - by Teresa Dunham

All went remarkably well. From transfers, hotel pickups, personable guides to attentive hospitality at the camp the whole experience was outstanding. Very fortunate for us that we were the only guests at the time in Davison Camp.  The staff did a superb job in communicating, sharing stories, greetings before and back from safari days and dining with us.  

We for sure will plan another safari to Africa with the addition of our adult children joining us.


Zimbabwe safari - by Ryan and Mary

Beyond expectations. Words fail to express our deepest gratitude.

A wonderful place and wonderful people. We shall surely return.

Our impression of our Zambia Holiday, 2011 - by Mike Graham

Dear Chris,

Please find below our impressions of our Zambia holiday

Johannesburg: We found the Safari Club to be very comfortable in the garden cottages. Nice lounge and honesty bar. Food was fine, thought a bit expensive but it is Joburg. Was met at airport OK and delivered back there the following morning without any hitches.

Lusaka: Met at airport by your handling agent and escorted through Immigration and Customs. Trouble free. Met up with Edmund Farmer who flew us up to Kasanka NP. Good flight up but took 2 hours due to wind.

Kasanka NP: Met at airstrip and driven to camp. Met up with Ernst and Bastian + Rhoda. Accommodation in Rondawel was comfortable and clean. Lighting basic battery power but was adequate. Hot showers delivered by bucket but they were fine!!! Food was very good, cooked in an old wood burning stove. Basic facilities but it is a “wilderness” camp and should not be changed. Our guide “Webby” was very good.

Shoebill Island: Even more basic than Kasanka NP but it is what it is and that is how it should stay. NO electricity at all except 1 light in dining room. Food cooked on an old wood burning stove but was good. Staff were very friendly and helpful. “Webby” came with us from Kasanka as there appeared to be a shortage of guides at Shoebill. Accommodation was in a bamboo-sided building covered by a thatch roof (not a tent as in itinerary). Comfortable and clean. Showers by buckets of hot water. Good selection of drinks and wine. Saw the Shoebill at close range which was the objective, plus several other Endemic species. Large numbers of fishermen there who liked loud music. They didn’t bother the birds though.

Flight to Mfuwe: Brad flew us down (Edmund Farmer busy) in 70 minutes.

Mfuwe Lodge: Met at airport and driven to Mfuwe Lodge. Extremely nice accommodation (we were upgraded to a house), very friendly staff and great food. Great facilities all round. Our guide “James” was superb. I got a morning with him just birding for free (had to give a donation to the Conservation Fund). Really enjoyed the SECA play on the last night performed by local people. We did really well for game viewing – 8 lions, 3 cubs, 2 leopards + all the usual giraffe, elephant, etc. Comfortable game viewing vehicles. Met some nice people.

Flight to Lusaka: Good flight down with ProFlight. Met at airport and helped with check-in for SAA to JHB (didn’t expect that).

Overall opinion: We thought that this was a very good itinerary for what we wanted, good birding throughout and game viewing at Mfuwe. Might not suit those only looking for the “Big 5”. Apart from the journey from Kasanka to Shoebill (we said this was an experience not to be repeated), everything else was exact to the letter which is what we like.

Make sure that people are aware that no electricity at Shoebill so to charge up their batteries previously. Quite cold in mornings so a woolly fleece with long sleeves is an absolute necessity.

Kind Regards.

Mike G 


Vacationer's dream come true! June 2011 - by Ann Laaf

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your help to plan our Zimbabwe vacation.  We returned a few days ago and had a fabulous time, in large part thanks to you.  Everything that you helped with in planning our trip went without a hitch.  Our flawless plans were a vacationer's dream come true !!!  We were so pleased with the flight arrangements you secured for us from Harare to Mana Pools and then on to Vic Falls. 

We loved Ruchomechi and were thrilled to have Kevin as our private guide. (He sends his regards to you.  Well, actually he mentioned some phrase I was supposed to pass onto you - but I forgot it.)  There are so many special parts of the the camp and the safari experience - enough great memories to last a lifetime.   The only dissappointment was that there are no giraffe's in Mana Pools and that it was difficult to track down most of the big cats in Ruchomechi's concession.  But the vast quantity of elephants and hippos certainly made up for the lack of these other species.

The Victoria Falls Hotel was a gem and we were really glad that we stayed there.  Though it's a bit old (especially compared to the Ilala Lodge), we decided that there were many things about the hotel which made it a better choice for us.  For example, we like old, historic places; we also loved having a delicious breakfast each morning on the terrace, and we were pleased to view the falls from the hotel grounds.  

Please feel free to use me as a reference if you have other clients who need reassurance about what they are investing in when they work through you and Zambezi Safaris.

Best regards,

Ann Laaff


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