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Zambezi Safari Testimonials

Zambezi Safari Guest Comments

Like most good safari companies we have a long list of guests comments stretching back to the early 1990's when we first started to collect them. We've mounted only the comments from the past three years to the site but the list is still incredibly long to plough through.

Quite a number of our past guests are happy to be contacted by email or phone to chat about their experiences in Africa. If you're new to us and would like to chat to our past guests, drop us a line and we'll put you in contact with those who've given their permission.

We love your feedback especially the stories and photographs so please keep sending them through!

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Total Solar Eclipse 2001 - by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson

Some of the more exotic projects Trish has been involved in, include large scale arrangements for amateur astronomists to visit the lower Zambezi river in 2001 to see the total solar eclipse. Taking place just a year after the political crisis in Zimbabwe began in earnst, this was a tricky challenge!

"From Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 June 21 by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson, NASA"


Kenya December 2009 - by Robert Steel

Hello Trish,
What a fantastic time we had. We saw plenty of Grevy's Zebra and Rothchilds Giraffe plus Geranuk at Buffalo Springs / Samburu.
Treetops only failed on Giant Forest Hog, but mother and large calf Black Rhino visited the far side of the water hole in the late evening.
Lake Nakuru, after much searching found a family of Rothchilds Giraffe at the far end of the reserve (from main gate). A dozen or more White Rhino.
I have a question for your experts, in the grounds of Lion Hill Camp on the lawns and hiding in the flower borders were many voles feeding on the grass. We were able to approach quite close. When I sort my photos out I could send you a copy for identification. Would you know what type of Vole they are?
Masai Mara, 5 Black Rhino, a female with a 2 year old calf being pursued by a very interested male, all about 300 yards away but fantastic to watch all in the open.3 Leopards, 2 Cheetah watched for about 40 minutes (60 odd photo's, I love Cheetah's).
Loads more, Maasai Mara is good!
Now onto Tsavo East and Satoa camp, superb! Staff were great, they upgraded us to the Sala suite, our driver Henry was excellent, though he did save the very best to the end. Hirola, not 400 yards from the camp, fantastic. We had seen them on the first day, but they were in and out of the bushes.
We saw good numbers of Fringe-eared Oryx and Elephants, my word they do grow them big there.
I was a little worried on the third day (early morning game drive/breakfast/long game drive along the Galana river/afternoon game drive. We had breakfast first (I thought we were going to miss a game drive), no way, we set off at 08:00 took a picnic and came back just before 18:00. Phew, I reckon we covered the whole of Tsavo East, as Henry said we would be just covering the same ground we had done before on the 2 shorter drives, it was great.
We had a fantastic time in Kenya and especially at Satoa camp. Overall we saw 168 birds (not bad when some of it was done at 60 miles an hour), and 61 animals (counting the Vole).
Don't think much to our welcome home though 35 degrees in Mombasa, Zero at Gatwick.
Thank you once again for putting the icing on the Kenya Cake for us, we will always remember those wonderful days.
Asante Sana,
Bob & Linda Steel

Northern Tanzania Christmas 2009 safari - by Regina Maia

Dear Trish,

Thank you very much for your welcoming email. I arrived in Brasil on January 8th feeling myself very happy and fulfilled with wonderful memories and many stories to tell about.

My trip to Tanzania is unforgetable!  I enjoyed every aspect of my trip: Amazing landscapes, incredible animals, the great adventure of taking off and landing in the middle of the savanna (beautiful!) and sleeping in tents, the cultural differences, great accomodation, the stories told by the guides and the delicous food. But there is something special that I would like to highlight: The gentleness of the Tanzanian. Great people!

Thank you very much for all your support in making it possible. Everything work out perfectly. I really loved my trip and I will recommend it to my friends.

On my next trip to Africa I will be in contact with you!

Best wishes,
Regina Maia
Vale - DIOC

Gorillas in Rwanda - by Daryl Peddar

Dear Trish

We had a fantastic time - Rwanda is a beautiful country and the people are lovely...very warm and welcoming. Our guide, Paul Ruganitwali, was excellent. He had a lot of knowledge, so it was great to talk to him. We really fell in love with the place and will definitely go back.
We were with group 13 - there were 21 gorillas in the family but we saw about 10 of them. The one female had a 3 month old baby, which was just the cutest thing ever. There were 3 other youngsters in the group who were very playful - just like naughty little kids.
I've attached some photos for you to have a look at. Thanks again for organising a fantastic trip for us.

Uganda Safari - by John McKeown

I had a fabulous time.

Robert the guide was a gem and looked after me very well and i had a great time seeing gorillas, chimps and golden monkeys. What a lovely country so green adn friendly - i will forward a few pics for you.

All in all a superb experience, thank-you!

Best regards


October 2008

Zambia Safari May 2010 - by Evelyn Maythorne

Dear Trish,

Ted and I wish to thank-you very much for arranging our flights and safari. We have had a great holiday and many new memories for our old age.

Ted and Evelyn travelled to Kasanka National Park, Shiwa N'gandu, South Luangwa National Park and the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia.

Tanzania safari September 2010 - by Sheri and Hartley Anderson

Hi Trish

We had a marvellous time. Thank you so much for all your efforts. We had a great trip. 



Sheri and Hartley Anderson

Kenya Safari September 2010 - by Tony Smith



I promised to send you a report of our very satisfactory Kenya safari. I thought that I would just write a few words about each camp and Kiwayu but as I started writing, it started to turn into more of a dairy of each day. As we have had a number of people ask us about what we did and what we saw, I then started to think about adding photos to show what we had seen and, at the moment, I have just finished the first draft. This of course is not what you wanting so I have rather got behind in giving you my feed back.


The whole trip was perfect with variety between the camps and activities, and everything running like clockwork. Alex and Dianna at Ol Pejeta, Steve and Annabelle at Sosian, Jonathon and DuDu (Deborah) at Rekero, and George at Kiwayu, were perfect. Wonderful people who looked after us fantastically.


I will be in touch later and, once again, thank you and all of your team for a wonderful adventure.



Tanzania private mobile safari February 2011 - by Jake Cooley

Hi Trish 

Just to let you know, we had a great time. The guide was great, he showed us more wildlife than I ever expected, even lined vehicle up so that we had best photographic lighting.

Nomad, the camps and lodges were fantastic.  We were amazed at Onsea House - loved it (fixed us gourmet dinner at midnight) and Plantation Lodge, (gorgeous setting) as well as camps.   

Loved all the stops, everything fit together, went off without a hitch.

I've wanted to do a safari since the age of 8 ( am now 60) .  The trip exceeded my expectations.

 Thank you.

 Jake Cooley

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