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Zambia – hospitality was exceptional

The holiday was amazing. Walking and staying within the bush is certainly very different from driving and lodging.

I think that it brings you closer to your surroundings. You have time to contemplate and appreciate.

Both Julie and I enjoyed every minute of it. We were so please with each and everyone of the camps we visited. The hospitality was exceptional. Everyone was so friendly and the guides were brilliant. Julie and I particularly enjoyed our trips out with Phil B and Freya. We were amazed by the way they just knew what was round the corner or what ever question you asked they could answer. What we also liked was the fact that both guides would allow us to sit for a while and just watch and experience the wildlife, this was something we really wanted to do.

Manda and Gilbert were also excellent and from all we learnt so much, especially about the different tracks and droppings.

There must be a cure for tsetse fly!!!!, both Julie and I were bitten alive and reacted to each and everyone one of them. Our special thanks go to Colin Pattern-Smith for the recommendation of ‘Bot Cream’.
Over the 10 days we took over 976 pictures we are slowly going through each one, picking out the best. We had someamazing sightings.

(A particularly large Bull Elephant paid Julie and I a visited during a
night at Kuyenda! Its strange how safe you feel behind your mozi net!)
Thank you for your recommendations. The itinery was perfect. Bilimungwe is ideal for the first location as it slowly brings you into your surroundings without to much culture shock.

We would like to return during the Green Season. Which month would you recommend?

PS. Just an after thought; Whilst all the Guides and Staff looked part of there surroundings and looked as though they belonged there, (uniform), we feel that the BushCamp (younger) Managers should follow suit. You could not distinguish them from visitors, particularly at Mfuwe Lodge. This could actually be a safety issue in some circumstances.

One of the best.

Thanks again hope to speak to you again.

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