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River Horse Canoe Safaris

An adventurous canoeing safari from Kariba, Zimbabwe down the lower Zambezi River on the Zambian side into the "Lower Zambezi National Park" through and beyond the Mana Pools region.

This canoe safari is an island hopping trail down the most popular canoeing stretch of the Zambezi River.  It's the wild section where canoeists encounter big game (including elephant, hippos, buffalo and if you're lucky - lion and leopard).  There is a wide variety of birdlife, lots of small game plus large reptiles and more on the lower Zambezi - one of Africa's last unspoilt wilderness areas.

River Horse Safaris

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Cape Buffalo


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This is a "semi-participation" canoe safari which departs from Kariba at approximately 08:30 on the first day and returns to Kariba at about 16:30 on the fourth day.  The trip runs down the Zambezi from the Kafue River to the Chongwe River in Zambia.

The 4 day safari will cost you US$450.

The price includes your return transfers between Kariba and the Zambezi River, plus all food and beverages, camping equipment, your guide etc.  Visa fees for the entry into Zambia (where applicable) are excluded.


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Remember that this is the wild side - all safari activities in the Zambezi Valley are potentially hazardous.  The river guides are fully qualified, experienced and every reasonable effort is taken to ensure your safety.  Please read our standard booking conditions.

Mana Pools National Park

Lying on the Zimbabwean side of the majestic Zambezi river in the Zambezi Valley, Mana Pools is one of Africa's last remaining unfenced wilderness areas where the wildlife exists largely unaffected by man.

It's unique enough in wildlife terms to have been classified a World Heritage Site - this means it's management and operation is carefully monitored by an international body .

Mana Pools is impressive forests of tamarind and ebony, mahogany, acacias and giant baobabs, home to a myriad of wildlife, bird and plant species.

Lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo as well as the prolific variety of antelope and birds - are all abundant in Mana. The game-viewing is superb. The flood plains and ancient forests - a combination of river and mountains, attracts a remarkable profusion of animal and birdlife.

Mana Pools is an extension of the Great Rift Valley and offers an unsurpassed wilderness experience to first timers and regular visitors alike.

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